April 13, 2008 11:04 am

in Bangalore…

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It has been few years since I left Bangalore and there has been tremendous changes looking around here these days. Cost of Living has significantly increased since a decade. I have been home most of the days since I arrived here being unwell off and on, however, on the days I went around, I started digging in my brain to recall the areas and roads I used to go around.

Malls: There are fabulous malls around. A friend of mine took me around the city one evening – noticed Bangalore Central, Forum, Cigma(?), Garuda, Gopalan, Big Bazaar, etc. We entered the Garuda Mall. It was probably the timing, the moment we entered the mall, I heard the classical music; going little further noticed a concert in progress on main level. We went around all the 5 floors. It was a  pleasant envt around for that evening. Obviously, things were expensive. It was good to see there were lot of people buying lots of things. We spent some time watching the concert.


It is also interesting to see Bangalore’ans are willing to afford so much. I tend to flash back on how it was a few years ago. we went to the LifeStyle store the following night. I noticed a little bit change in attitude with sales people in LifeStyle stores this time. I usually didn’t like people just staring at me on the aisles where I was still looking around and didn’t need any help but they keep asking – and this used to be annoying for me. At least, I didn’t see that happening this time.  

My folks talk a lot about Big Bazaar and their grocery/household shopping stop has been big bazaar. I am yet to go and visit Forum, Central and other malls around.

Mobility: Being born and raised in Bangalore, I should not be feeling the mobility issue, but I am feeling it a bit this time. I share my brother’s vehicle when it is around, but other days I take an Auto or a citiCab. Looks like I have already spent about Rs.2000 or more on Auto/cabs in just two weeks. How I wish if there was a motor cycle rental facility over here. Or, fellow Bangaloreans, is there such an option that I could rent a motorcycle for couple of weeks?

Cell phone: I carried my cell phone and my brother had an extra SIM card. we just topped-up some funds. It makes it so convenient for keeping in touch. I liked this extra new facility. It is fantastic to have these sim cards handy. I know this is not new and has been several years since this facility has been in existence.

Certain things are still not changed: Iyengars Bakery used to be very popular and have been recommended by many people for decades. Surprisingly they still use the news papers or left over paper from the printing press to wrap the food items inspite of knowing the ink is hazardous to health. I noticed it when we bought a slice of strawberry cake for our 3yr old daughter. 



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