May 27, 2008 6:24 pm

Acronyms Acronyms Acronyms….

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I don’t know why lot of professional organizations still use the Abbreviations (acronyms) in their application forms, and still expect people to fill in right. I understand the the communication jargon when people talking the same language ( i mean, people from same background or profession or industry), but how would other people know.

being from software industry, I understand if some one say the words like  C#, VSTF, ASAP, VSS, CGI, FYI, etc etc .. that we normally use, but if I go to a banker and say, “provide your documents in jpg format” or “would you mind exporting data into CSV format?” , he would be puzzled.

At the same, I don’t understand, why lots of banks use the terms like HLST, pur of prop, HL, EMI, HFC, PAN, APR, GPA, GPF,  etc etc.. –> what in the world are these terms mean? these are the ones I noticed on a bank application form. I could make out a few of these, but not all. Very few organizations have the foot note or the glossary page to describe these acronyms – thanks to those organizations, but not many of them do.

I don’t know if that’s the norm across the industries, however, it is hard to the customers to understand, at least to fill in the application forms legibly. Agreed, there are few acronyms that are widely used across the industries, and that is perhaps okay.

One of the key tips taught at the professional speaking course, Toast Masters, and such organizations, is to avoid using the abbreviations, or in case those are used ( because, at times those short forms make more appropriate) then say what it stands for, several times during the early conversation so the audience could understand the talk better.


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