June 4, 2008 9:28 pm

It is 1am, a Cat is crying somewhere….

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The other night at around 1am, while I was still awake reading, heard a cat’s voice. It was a bit feeble but still audible enough to check it out. At first if it was our 3year old daughter, but then, I heard my wife woke up as well and asked me if I heard the cat’s voice as well. I agreed, yes. Just about while I tried to listen well if it was coming from inside the house or from outside, just in case if one entered the house and trapped somewhere. I looked around upstairs and proceeded towards downstairs to check it out. We knew the doors were locked and checked again for a garage door and the garage. since, it is possible that Cat might have entered the garage when I parked the car at around 10pm. Well, didn’t find any.

Now, the voice got more feeble when I listened from the 1st level compared to the 2nd level. Peeked outside the window for any clues – none. Looked around the yard – none.

around this time when my wife reminded me of an article she read somewhere, about the hoax where people tend to have a recorded voice of either cat or a baby crying, trap the people for any reason. hmm… now, I don’t have a flash light at home, should I go out to look further – may be on the roof, may be by plants around the house, what next?

Should we call someone? if so, whom? like a 911? or a police department or city pet department?

one side of my brain started thinking various things. What if it was really a cat trapped somewhere on the roof or by the plants? what if it needed some help? what if it was a little kitten seeking help? What if it was shivering out of cold on a rainy night and needed some help?

on the other side, what if it was the other way? something worse, something threatening?

I had attended a presentation the other day, where I heard, software testing is about going further to see what happens. well it did not have a clause “depending on the circumstances“.  well again, that was for a software testing *sigh*

Anyways, midst of these, I started to dose off 🙂

What would you do in such a situation?  Two options:
A. do nothing? –> this has two folds: (a) feel sorry the next morning for not helping a poor kitten, if it was a real animal (b) be glad for not taking that decision, since it was fake.
B. Go and check it out and face the outcome

Moments later the cat’s voice fainted. My wife said that she heard additional noise at this time. I asked if she heard the footsteps or car or else or may be a cat jumped off of a tree or roof.  Cat’s cry was stopped. I woke up again, looked out the windows for any clues, didn’t find any.

Looked outside the next morning and didn’t find any cat around.


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