July 11, 2008 9:25 pm

Last week’s road trip… Portland, OR

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We had a blast over the last week end. We had planned for a 2 day trip and turned out to be 3 complete days. Our drive to Portland, what used to take 3 hours has turned out to be about 9 hours. We pulled over for a breakfast/brunch at the Olympia Capital building – (Thank you for taking us there, Rajesh) – I had never been to that place before though lived around here for several years now. The structure was beautiful and I haven’t seen such a beautiful structure before.


A statue of George Washington was amazing.


i noticed this note etched on the floor at the entrance.


We spent about 4 hours in and around the Captial building. We then moved towards Portland. We took another break for a lunch – though there was sprinkles and a bit of rain, we enjoyed the lunch by the river side. Food was so yummyyy! I don’t remember the name of the river at least the name of the park was “Paradise point”. Oh! did I say food was so yummyyy! Enjoyed the pongal, chapathis, upma, curd rice, etc etc…

We finally reached portland in the evening, but now being getting busy to find the hotels nearby and stil be able to make it to Rose Test Garden on time and make schedule to watch fireworks that night. Worked out pretty well…

Few pictures from the Rose Test Garden here…

image image image image


Day 2:

Day 2 was a fun filled day starting with home made breakfast and then towards the scenic drive on Columbia Gorge. I found this link now and wish we had it before to plan accordingly. however, we covered till Stop#9 on this link and we returned back to the hotel in Portland. A few pictures from this drive…

image image image image

a top view from the mid level of Multnomah falls


Horsetail fallsimage


Day 3:

Day 3 was somewhat interesting driving through the forests between Portland and Cannon beach on the western coast.[1][2]. Oh I also made other get worried or frustrated not having enough gas in my car when we headed back from the Canon Beach 🙂   We managed to find one in Seaside city which is about 8 miles from the Canon.

All in all, it was a great trip. 🙂



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