November 30, 2008 10:02 am

Thanksgiving – Black Friday crowd…

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For the first time since staying in the US, we have planned to hit the mall early in the morning. I have always heard about people starting the Queue the previous night on a Thanksigiving day (thursday) and wait till the Friday morning for store to open (thats about 4am or 6am usually) ; rush into the stores when it is open and grab what they want, provided the item still available. I have also heard people complaining that the stores usually keep handful of items for that first hour; and have seen them being disappointed since they couldn’t get that DVD player (50% off) despite going there the previous night.

Anyways, our first experience, we chalked out 2 places to go the next morning. woke up before 6am and reached a nearest mall by 6:40 (JCPenny). The store had opened at 4am, and it was interesting to see a lot of people at the store at that hour although it was not really crowded as I had heard before.

Later part of the day, we noticed several staff members were so tired that they were getting confused to scan our items at the check out counters. One individual said it has been a long day; and had put the items in my bag that weren’t even billed.

This thanksgiving had an increased online shopping than people directly going to the stores it seems.

Unfortunate that the shoppers didn’t care a store staff and caused a death.

well, we didn’t go to any stores on Saturday, however, it would be interesting to see the CustomerService (a.k.a returns counter) this week end. Some people who buy with all excitement on Black-Friday tend to return those items the following week end.

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