January 4, 2009 11:22 pm

We are snowed again….

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We went around this afternoon, though cloudy, didn’t think it was going to snow. From local stores, we thought of driving a little further (about 27miles away) to IKEA stores. Our objective at this store was to look for something we wanted and get out within at the most 15minutes. We also took note of time we checked in. To start with and along the way, we did rush through our steps and didn’t really look around the things. In spite, by the time we came out of payment counters, it was about 90minutes. We stopped for an ice-cream at the store exit, and spent another 30minutes. It was around 5:30 and we knew it would be dark outside, but when we really came closer to the exit door, we realized it was even snowing a little bit.

This is when I realized we had to fill in the gas. Looked for a gas station near by and once done, hit the road again. Traffic was ok but I realized the road was a bit slippery. we just prayed to get home quick and safe. An hour later, we were in our home complex and sighed with relief. *we are home*

IMG_6636 IMG_6657 IMG_6644 IMG_6658IMG_6660

as we approached our home, we noticed approximately about an inch of snow blanket on roads and sidewalks.

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