January 16, 2009 11:39 pm

… $160 mil party

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You can watch the inauguration online on 20th, and there are bunch of host sites that you can go to. More details here

hmm.. am I reading this as $160 million?  not $160 thousand or a $1.6 million but a $160 million Dollar party? I thought we have an economy issue … Where is this money coming from?



  1. From all the bailout money we 🙂 have given to the banks, heh heh heh 😉 Let us watch something wonderful and historic.

    Yesterday my husband was in Dulles airport to catch a flight and he said the entire airport was vibrant and full of kiosks selling inauguration stuff. So much so, that the man who detests carrying anything heavy or extra in his bag, bought and stuffed sweatshirts and tshirts for his kids!!!! Looks like everybody is getting caught up with this excitement. I was planning on taking my kids just to be in the Mall at Washington DC, on this momentous occasion, but the weather and the crowds made me rethink. I think I will watch it from the warmth of my home.

    Comment by My3 — January 17, 2009 4:51 am @ 4:51 am | Reply

  2. Sigh!

    Comment by My3 — January 18, 2009 1:47 pm @ 1:47 pm | Reply

  3. hmmm… 🙂

    Comment by ramsblog — January 18, 2009 6:52 pm @ 6:52 pm | Reply

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