February 17, 2009 12:39 am

Knowledge Management

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I was at the SEASPIN presentation few days ago. The presenter Jeff Smith talked about  Knowledge Management and how it influences/impacts the organization. It was a great forum that we mostly discussed a lot on pros and cons. Listening to the audience there, Knowledge (information) management is not only an issue at the team level or an organization level or a company level, it appears to be at the industry wide. talking about this, there are gazillion number of tools and processes in place. There are practices and processes that get implemented and gradually disappears within a year or two.

certain teams try to consolidate all the documents in a single so-called “repository” and despite, documents are scattered everywhere. Have you been in a situation where you look for documents and find and search for them and still not able to locate those documents after hours and hours of search and finally create another copy. Well, at some point you would find duplicate documents around and not being able to make out the latest one. What would you do, would you merge them? would you review both the documents or would you judge on the latest modified date and keep the recent one? How do you even know that’s the legitimate valid document?

This kind of situation, in a way, turns into searching for the required information. Jeff puts this as “Search is a backup plan for a lack of Plan” –> I so agree with him, based on what we understand from the scenarios I described above. We end of searching for information when we fail finding at the known repositories and that boils down to lack of better planning in Information Architecture or Information Management.

It was a great insight overall. Thank you, Jeff.


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