February 20, 2009 12:37 am

b’coz I told ya…

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Our daughter is no longer a toddler 2yr old – made me realize lately. There were days when we used to go around and she would ask me bunch of “why” questions and I used to get by giving some sort of answers, and those answers would already have the follow up questions tagged along from her. When I share about such experiences and specially about  “Whys” with others, they would say “hmm… looks like the ultimate answer we would have to respond children is ‘because i said so'” –

Well, off late, it appears like I started asking questions while bringing her back from school or while on way to school to drop her off. Now that she understands some of the traffic rules, she keeps an eye for any mistakes that I might do. anyways, aside, during our Questions and Answers sessions, she tries to answer several of my questions ; but if there are any questions that she’s not aware of the answers, or if she doesn’t want to respond, she has the standard answers: “Beccccaaaause, <pause>”

what would that pause mean? not really been aware all these days…

now she has started some more added to this incomplete phrase

“becccccaaaaause, I told ya!”

well, I know this answer doesn’t convice me, so I ask the same question again, reply comes back “B’coz I told ya!”

a Wheel has turned and it is her position to give such answers now?


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