April 4, 2009 5:39 am

Daddy, no one played with me today….

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I knew something like these would come up at some point but I wasn’t sure I had to deal with such a situation this early. on one night a few days ago, although i was on my computer, my 4yr old daughter was by my side and reading a book. She was quiet for few moments. I watched her and I often make sure to attend her and listen to her while she is telling me something. This moment, she was quiet and said, “Daddy, no one played with me at school today <pause>” …

Well, I realized, this was the moment I must take the computer aside, and listen to her and ask her what happened. Now, it is a learning moments for me to:

1. Ask the right questions
2. if making any suggestions, be cautious <i have heard it and read this from several sources, I think I would have to cover this in a different post>
3. should I just keep listening – while asking the right questions or wait for her to open up and tell me everything without me asking more questions?
4. How can I assure her about my support and let her know that I am with her?
5. What steps should I take for the story she narrates me about her experience at school today?

I had all these questions lingering in my mind and still tried to listen to what she had to say…

It was challenging for me to to think of a solution and help her how she can handle the situation at the school next time around…

Well, the conversation was not complete as she was also feeling asleep, I believe I need to read more and learn to respond before I react on her question and thoughts…


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