April 6, 2009 5:27 pm

Yummy in my Tummy….

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.. don’t know how kids make up these rhyming words at times… my daughter was at a neighbor’s house the other day playing with their similar age girl there. looks like they both ate some snacks there and with all the excitement , she screamed out – “Yummy in my Tummy” appreciating the taste and the offerings there.. the household were all laughing out on this rhyming words…

I vaguely remember posting here about the way she used to pronounce Yummy (as Nummy)  when she was 15months old, when she liked those rice cereals, or fruits or cheerios and such…

However, as she grew further, she tried to express her like and dislike with the same words but in a different way that we came to understand after several times of her usage of these two words.. She had changed her definition by then as she got better speaking words when she was at her two’s. So at that time if she liked something that would take the work “hmm… Yummieeeeeeeeeeeeeee” ; but if it was something that she didn’t like, then the expression was “yeah, Nummy!” and spit it out or take it to her hands and put it in trash. We were wondering why she would say nummy and put it trash, while the same response meant she needed more of that food.

well, she no longer uses the word Nummy, but rather says flat out “I don’t like it“. It’s all different phases… 🙂


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