May 1, 2009 12:11 am

Surprise all day!…

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One morning, a few weeks ago, 4yr old came up to my bed with a song – ” happy birthday to you…. happy birthday daddy, …. !! ” woke up with a surprise – she gave me a big bear hug.

We were about to head out to work/school, my wife said, she was going to be a little late to work and asked me to leave my cell phone, since her phone had stopped working the previous day. 

While at work, I didn’t go directly to my office, but worked from a different building to be able to get the work done and we were behind on our deliverables. I received few greeting emails from my team. Well, it was not usual in our team, but interesting to note the change. I received one IM enquiring about my lunch and if we could go out for lunch. I had to gracefully refuse since I had to catch up on my tasks. Not that i was excited about these, but a skeptic mind says, what’s happening?

Stopped by the school to pick up my daughter later that evening. imageMy wife was at the school as well. We all came home, as I stepped in, it was so good to be surrounded by the aroma of ambode, sabbakki payasa and so on. Proceeding further, there was a beautiful wall note “Happy Birthday”.





image  Hover my eyes around and noticed a beautiful cake on the dining table with strawberry toppings. (my 4yr old had picked up all the strawberries by the time i took this picture). It was a delicious home made cake.

Apparently L’ had taken a day off and prepared bunch of these for me. I was caught by a surprise.

So, that’s a “Cut the cake” moment. Happy Birthday song again.


While eating the cake, Mom and Daughter gave me a big box neatly wrapped with a gift wrapper image imageand insisted me to open right away. Obliged and opened it and to my surprise that I had never expected, there were these. Although I knew about the shirt/trousers, but another little box hidden underneath was a fabulous Canon DigitalSLR Black – [link] my favorite, a toy that I have always been longing to buy, but never had made up my mind to buy one. 





     Linking to picture on canonxs-site: http://www.canonxs.com/canon_xs_files/canon_xs.jpg





Now the dinner time, apparently i don’t have the pictures of all the food, it was yumm.. delicious. On top of all these, there was also a plantain leaf, so we eventually had our dinner on a plantain leaf after a long time.   It is very rare that we find this leaf around here.
(picture from wikipedia: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/af/Lunch_from_Karnataka_on_a_plantain_leaf.jpg/230px-Lunch_from_Karnataka_on_a_plantain_leaf.jpg)


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