May 22, 2009 4:46 pm

Rounding Currency…

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It is often interesting how the UI screen validation goes, and not all the scenarios completely thought of when the applications are released to public.  Here is an example, although my screenshot was taken a long time ago, it was misplaced and couldn’t get to it back then. Anyways, The minimum payment due on my account was $3/- while my statement balance due was $2.59/- Why should I pay $3/- when I owe less.


Agreed there are three options and I could choose to pay what I owe with the 2nd option and proceed further, but it is apparently misleading the customer saying “your minimum payment exceeds the amount you owe!”


another observation: why should the default be at the minimum payment Due when the statement balance is less. Agreed, there is a note “payment must be at least $1.00 and cannot exceed your current balance” , however it would be a better user experience if the default was set to statement balance when it is less than the Minimum payment due. I don’t know how MinimumPaymentDue calculated, it is probably at least $3.00 or percentage of the balance due. But this assumption conflicts with the note of “at least $1/-

just a thought! There is an opportunity to improve in the way we communicate to the customers. The way build the relationship with customers. The way me make the life simpler to the customers and not complicate with unnecessary ambiguous messages we provide on our sites.

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