May 29, 2009 11:59 pm

Appa, please drive slow….

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Our 4yr old daughter has acquired this awareness that if I ever drive a little faster, she would realize and tends to caution me. I am not sure how she got this attention these days, it is probably because she has observed a lot and started noticing cars pulled over the shoulder, and she has started recognizing the cars with a note “Police.”  She appears to be more concerned about 2 things:
a. be cautious so not hit anyone or anything
b. (in her words), police will come and take you away

We, as good parents, started explaining her the role of the police officers and not really have the false fear. Be proud of having those officers around who help the community be safe. The role helps the community, the children, the people around be safe from any adversities and accidents. Help people around if they need help on roads.

I believe she has started to have the sense of awareness and building up the sense of being cautious and go by the structured rules or lay out a plan/structure along the way. Well! I must admit, these things are only by her own will and not necessarily apply for everything, like throwing the play toys, books, and beads all across the house, until I say I am going to pack all these stuffs and put them in the garage. 🙂

Other cautious things she observers while driving:
a. mommy/appa, we should not drink (in our case water 🙂 ) while driving
b. daddy are you looking at front while driving? please do not turn towards me while driving.
c. I don’t want to bump to another car or a curb.
and so on…

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