June 29, 2009 8:47 pm

Review: Th!nkTweet

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As I had commented on Rajesh’s blog before, Rajesh had probably started a similar concept even prior to Twitter came into existence in the form of mini-Sagas; however Rajesh clarifies that the frequency and speed of feedback is much faster in Twitter where twitters tweet the tw(f)eedback tw(qu)icker for 140 letter thwoughts.

First, Thank you Rajesh for forwarding a copy of Th!nkTweet. I started reading your writings ever since I was directed to your Change This! manifesto “25 ways to distinguish” and started following your blog – all those mini-sagas, quoughts, etc and including your interviews on itsdiff.com

As I started making notes while reading this book, my thoughts wandered towards writing only appreciations or only critique it. When I think about my purpose of reviewing a material, it is not that only look for positives or look for only negatives, but i think,
1. as a reader and potentially author material in future, it helps me see how my writing will be perceived so I can self learn now
2. my mind certainly goes to the appreciations on this book and all the positive notes mentioned below.
3. and that said, wear critique’s hat and see what I can derive and learn from it
4. or apply few pointers from the book and share about my personal experience? I think this would fantastic if I share my day-today experience applying the concepts from the book, eventually that should be my goal too.

Overall, this is a great twincredible material a Must read and realize or sharpen the values and principles they live with. While writing this, I wondered if i keep my observation to 140characters or to 140 words:) , anyways here it is.

1. Th!nkTweet is a tw(f)antastic one liners every page sooo (tw)easy  to read – with large fonts and two messages a page
2. A great reference book to keep it handy and share the thoughts
3. Several of Th!nkTweets here, as the title go, makes you th(w)ink more and some are like goldmine and eye openers if one tries to understand and apply them in their life scenarios;
4. I certainly see author’s thoughts on “book in your heart” and gives the confidence for any one to be an author and bring out their experiences and share with others, so they can relate to the stories and learn from the stores.
5. It reminds me of the concept of 4 quadrants of feedback mechanism, where 4th quadrant is about reading books to understanding ourselves.

Certain points, I would see could be different: (I know it is easy to pass on the critiques than doing it, but I would still want to mention for my own notes)
1. from the way the tweets printed, I would like it to be a smaller pocket book so it could be handy, and I see a lot of paper space wasted. I am not sure if it was because of the standard book size or if it was something else.
2. Showing “Book 1” on the cover page indicates there will be further updates to it. I think it would be great to provide author’s future ideas around Th!nkTweet as it is now ambiguous that
                 a) will there be another part with more thinkTweets?
                 b) will there be another form of thinkTweet after this book?
3. Agreed for the tweets and feedback, without relating to twitter/tweets, I am trying to understand how different is this from the books we find with “Quotes of <name your favorite individual here>” is it a different name (ie., branding?)
4. From pages (slides?) by tweets 9, 28, 81, 101 and 134, I thought they would probably resemble chapters, but not necessarily, I am not sure if I found the relevance in the tweets of respective sections.

having said these, here is what I personally thought and how I am going to use these tweets (as appropriate)
1. several tweets that made me think on my current situation
2. some of them were really helped me realize my shortcomings so I could back on track.
3. I will use some of them to build my speech topics at the Toastmasters club I am part of 🙂
4. I will share about this book with possibly everyone I come across. I know it is a must read and keep it handy for reference.

I like the way you have set up Tweets on your site.

ps: these are just my personal observation – and i haven’t reviewed this write up before posting it here.


June 27, 2009 5:15 am

Movies and violence …

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I was at the Movie Transformer 2, 2 days ago. Apparently, this time, I made it at about the right time. Most movies I go, although, it is very rare, would have the house almost empty, and it is easier to find the last row, that i usually prefer. Or perhaps, we usually go earlier than this time. Anyways, although it was on time, it was not really on time for the movie to start, but just on time before the trailers began. Managed to find a seat on row 5 from the last, I never prefer to go to the front to watch move, although i see some people prefer to sit on row 3 or 4 from the front and some at row1. When you go to the Sony Digital screen which is about 45 to 50 ft tall, and sit at the front, I can’t imagine the stiff neck you would have when you get out of the theatre.

Anyways, being right on time for trailers, sometimes, I like the those trailers being a great preview. But at times, it makes me think whether all movies made these days are of violence in nature? Or do trailers follow the path the main movie is labeled as? in this case it was Transformers. Following trailers were shown:

9.9.09 – some sort of violence
The airbender – about destroying one individual (but appears to have lots of stunts)
Search: 2010 –> about world ending in 2010
Gamer: – about army and slayers – though a video game, but the players are real
<and few more>

I probably feel it this way because of not watching many movies, and me going to a theatre is once or twice a year. or well, I am not sure if such movies has made me not to go watch them.

well, I am also aware, that at the end of the day, me talking about violence movie doesn’t mean anything in general.

Now, coming to the part of Movie I watched : “Transformers 2: the raise of the fallen” –> it was a great movie. Great graphics, great direction. Although, I personally felt, if I missed the sequel part of it for not watching the part1 of the movie. but yesterday, one of my colleagues, said: not necessarily – as they are not completely connected or disconnected. so even without watching part1, you should still be able to grasp the theme. I guess my understanding was very isolated to part2 alone.

Overall, the movie was entertaining, funny, though some violence, but not in a way that living characters get hurt. I know some viewers have that kind of notion that as long as living characters are not hurt in the movie, it is entertaining. So movie characters involving into violence were mostly autobots. I liked the movie, and it was also interesting to note the movie was for over 140minutes, it is is not that often that we notice English movies being that long.

June 6, 2009 5:58 am

Where is my wrist band? I don’t know but I will look for it…

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My 4yr old girl wore a wrist band that I had given her. One morning imageshe was playing with this and with few of her other toys. Later that afternoon, while we were out to one of the stores, she borrowed the one I had on my wrist. Later on in the evening, few hours after we were back home, we both went on a walk around the community. I remembered about the band, and I asked her for the band and the conversation goes:

me: “Sweety, where is my wrist band?”
V: are you asking about the one with purple, green color?
me: yes, the one you had taken from me this afternoon
V: remember that is with a bunch of my other toys put on a ring
me: which one?
V: the one you helped me this morning with.
me: well, that was your band that I had given you yesterday. but how about the one you had taken from me at the store this afternoon?
V: this afternoon?
me: yes, at the store, near the counter when we were about to pay for other things.
V: I don’t know
me: sure? try to recall.
V: I don’t know
me: (not satisfied with her answer), sweety, you had taken it from me, and I think you need to remember to return it.
V: but I don’t know where I have kept it, but I will look for it.
me: (with somewhat, guilt feeling in my mind, at at the same time, satisfied with her answer, although she said she didn’t know, but she was also willing to look for it), sure, I like your answer that you are willing to look for it. thank you
V: thank you, I don’t know where I kept it, but I will look for it. does it sound ok appa? (dad?)
me: sure buddy, thank you
(now, the conversation shifted and she started humming a kannada song for which she had danced several months ago, and we reached home a several minutes later)

After we were back, we were still playing around and then I came over to the Kitchen to take my tablets. She got disappeared for a few minutes. She came back to me and handed over a wrist band. I heartily took it and thanked her for that band. I didn’t question anything further and we both got into other games or conversations. Later, she and her mom did a nail coloring sessions for few minutes, and we both read a Kannada book (Aesop fables) and she slept. I came upstairs later that night to go to bed, and noticed her bunch of toys where I had tied her wrist band together with. Now, I am flattered, that she sacrificed her band for losing my band, I felt so guilty, went back to the car and noticed it was there on the floor carpet by her seat.

There are several things that we indeed learn from children. looks like, children are great teachers than our own experiences most of the time, especially with respect to attitude.

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