August 11, 2009 12:06 am

I am writing daddy, is it ok if I….

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How would you respond if a kid is doing that he/she supposed to be but not at the right time. Our 4yr old daughter is very enthusiastic about writing words, drawing pictures, etc….. but at times it happens when she should be heading out for school. yes, she goes to preschool.

On mornings when I am in hurry to head out and she should be going to school. When we come down to kitchen and packing things to go. I ask her several favors. one of them being get ready and get the lunch bag. here is the conversation:

me: V- please get ready and take your lunch bag
v: ok
me: (after few mins), hellooo please get me the lunch bag and wear your shoes
V: I am writing something, how about a little later?
me: with some constraints, agree and then ask the same question again
V: ok daddy, i am writing something, is it ok with you if i leave this writing here?

i become speechless, how would you respond to this questions?
     1. say “ok you don’t need to write lets go” I wouldn’t want this to affect her mindset. 
     2. ok, finish your writing and then go – this wouldn’t be helpful, while we are on toes to head out.

quite a challenging question sometimes… given the context … although I tried to explain her the actions, justifications, etc, but does it matter…

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