September 24, 2009 10:48 pm

Windows Live Movie Maker – publish to youTube

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i had recently mentioned about WLMM and I played around it for sometime. Oh! I also gave a presentation at my Toastmasters club with a demo on Windows Live Movie Maker. It is such a cool too that I love so much.

However, the publishing to YouTube feature has disappointed me so much. Though i have a youTube Account, I had never ever uploaded a single video to youTube. Now that i started playing around WLMM, I tried 2 to 3 video upload and miserably disappointed me with the speed it takes to upload the video. Agreed my internet speed could partly a culprit here though i get 1.5mbps, but keeping the product and the targeting to most people in the world, I assume most people do not have a super speed T1 line bandwidth on their home network. I still hear people with dial up connections, given the speed with Dial up or even DSL lines, it is still very slow publishing to youtube.

I noticed that it takes two step approach. one to create a .wmv temporary file on the local videos folder, and then upload it to youTube. Is it not double the time? or at least some portion of it?

I didn’t mean to really talk about youTube publishing first. There are other cooooool features I really liked. one other publishing mode – to web media or email publishing, that’s fantastic. My supposed to be larger wmv can take only couple of megs, that I can easily send to my family and friends over email. How cool is that. The tools I had used earlier, had created those movie files into larger size, but WLMM appears to compress much larger extent. and The quality to view on computer for those little eMail-able copies, are great too.

it is an awesome product…


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