October 6, 2009 1:44 am

is it Monday tomorrow?

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several weeks ago, my wife had to travel and she announced it to our 4yr old daughter on Friday in view of preparing her. Travel was scheduled to Monday and return on Friday (about 4 days). our daughter was encouraging enough and took it sportive. She understood that she would have to stay with me and no mommy at home.

Funny thing was she is learning about week days, although she knows the days, the sequence is still a bit confusing to her. We were on our dining table over lunch and the conversation goes:

L: V- I am going out of town on Monday and you would have to stay with daddy
V: she was already prepped the previous day, and she was ok. and said “ok”
and the conversation went around about her plans for school, play around etc. without knowing the sequence, She asked what day is today?
I: i said, “Saturday”
V: when would it be Monday? is tomorrow Monday?
L: yey! 2 more days, do you want to send me off today itself?
V: oh! tomorrow is Sunday and then Monday?
L: yes
V: Why is it not Monday tomorrow? why is it not today?
L: because it is Saturday
V: no! i want it to be Monday toDDDay…
My wife was like, both daddy and daughter are READY to send me off and have fun. 🙂
I: LOL!!!!

it took a while to explain her and all the while she was still being prep’d for come Monday 🙂

Anyways, it is sometimes hard to answer kids and deal with kids. They can be very understanding at a moment and very aggressive the other moment.

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