December 16, 2009 11:19 pm

Website Authenticity … How to identify?

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There has always been a concern about Phishing sites. We get those URLs via emails, through other sites, hyperlinks everywhere. Those hyperlink targets may or may not go to the sites indicated on the text – of course, depends on how trustworthy the link is.

This has been a concern when the URLs were readable and judge the authenticity based on best of your knowledge. But still, most of us have been victims to unsafe site target at least once irrespective of recent browser versions alerting the users about how genuine the site is via their phishing identification tools / features.

Add on to that, these days, is the concern about shortened URLs. Yes, shortened URLs came into existence ever since the SMS texting, Twitter, or so called 140 characters limit texts – microblogging era started in recent years.

> How do you trust those short URLs?
> On what assumptions would you dare click that link?
> How can you mitigate the risk of not ending up where you didn’t want to end up with?
> How would you make sure you don’t fall victim for identity thefts?

One simple and straight forward answer could be – Do not click those links. well, does it always happen that way?

i recently came across http://www.googlegooglegooglegoogle.com –> it is pretty neat. It presents you 4 frames with google home page and you can provide 4 different search on the same browser instance. Its very handy.

googlegooglegooglegoogle (Small)

well talking about this googlegooglegooglegoogle site or its authenticity is not the intent of this post. but just thought about other misleading URLs.

Well, if you bing for phishing sites or URL authenticity or “how to trust URLs” etc, you may find umpteen number of resources, Checklists, ToDo’s, guidelines, tons of resources….

Well…. this post did not answer the question “How to identify” because that still remains my question for now.. Please comment your resources and pointers here… and this title seems really misleading here… 🙂


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