April 10, 2009 6:23 am

Do not get discouraged, just because ….

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…. your loved one did not acknowledge your hard work. I know it is very easy to make assumptions and think that your loved ones did not recognize you or appreciate your hard work and success. It is possible that each and every individual goes through several things during the day and weeks. And at times, they go blind and completely get involved in their frustrations and fail to recognize and reward and appreciate the efforts the loved ones accomplish or achieve.

Well, I agree it is not an excuse for not appreciating the effort, no matter what mindset one goes through…

— just a thought

have a great week end

April 4, 2009 5:39 am

Daddy, no one played with me today….

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I knew something like these would come up at some point but I wasn’t sure I had to deal with such a situation this early. on one night a few days ago, although i was on my computer, my 4yr old daughter was by my side and reading a book. She was quiet for few moments. I watched her and I often make sure to attend her and listen to her while she is telling me something. This moment, she was quiet and said, “Daddy, no one played with me at school today <pause>” …

Well, I realized, this was the moment I must take the computer aside, and listen to her and ask her what happened. Now, it is a learning moments for me to:

1. Ask the right questions
2. if making any suggestions, be cautious <i have heard it and read this from several sources, I think I would have to cover this in a different post>
3. should I just keep listening – while asking the right questions or wait for her to open up and tell me everything without me asking more questions?
4. How can I assure her about my support and let her know that I am with her?
5. What steps should I take for the story she narrates me about her experience at school today?

I had all these questions lingering in my mind and still tried to listen to what she had to say…

It was challenging for me to to think of a solution and help her how she can handle the situation at the school next time around…

Well, the conversation was not complete as she was also feeling asleep, I believe I need to read more and learn to respond before I react on her question and thoughts…

March 30, 2009 9:13 pm

When I read wrong, please tell me….

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My daughter has learned this somehow, I don’t know from where she did, but when she is reading a book, or tells a story from the book (from the pictures in the book), she wants to make sure she reads it right, that she conveys her thoughts right. She appears to be so open to get the feedback from us, and asks us to let her know and correct her when she reads wrong.

It is interesting that not many grown-ups are that open when they are doing things and most often we think we are doing right, and We don’t feel good to receive any feedback. Understood, both giving and receiving feedback is an art and add something called ego to it, makes it so hard to be able to openly give or receive feedback. I think it is also, to some extent, a “trust factor” – how well you trust a person who is giving you a feedback.

March 25, 2009 8:11 pm

Mommy can you please watch me color….

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I am often amazed looking at the children that most grown-ups tend to be more self centered and so much self-conscious that we tend to hate others watching over our shoulders. If you are a software developer, you are most likely be self-conscious on who watches over your shoulder.

When we are home and my 4yr old is in the mood of activities, be it writing numbers, alphabets, some addition, or coloring or playing with toys etc., she always wants us to watch over her. She wants our attention to be on her all the time. She makes us to play roles, making us her teachers at school or making us her classmates, and so on.

She starts coloring and gets makes sure to set the checkpoints and ensures she has our attention. “mommy, can you please watch me coloring”, “mommy, can you please watch me writing a,b,c,d…” etc etc…

At the end of the task she brings her work for review . There is a lot that we can learn our forgotten lessons from children.

November 24, 2008 1:50 am

Human mind set and watching TV….

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I was at the gym center saturday morning. While coming out after a work out, noticed a news paper and glanced through the pages. One article that caught my eyes was a study about happy people and a connection with not watching TV.

It was interesting to see this as with the quality of information that we get on TV and how that influences (impacts) our mindset accordingly. Happiness is a state of mind. According to this study, most happy people turned out to be spending less time in front of TV; and most unhappy people doing the opposite.

well, we can argue both ways, it all depends on what kind of information individuals get watching TV and how well they make use of it.

An interesting read, here is the link to the original article

November 19, 2008 10:15 pm

How many software engineers does it take?

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Well, we have often heard about these phrases, correct? Apparently, it so happened 2 days ago. Two families (us and our friends) are taking few days away next month. We know the dates and other logistics are in process.  We have started with the hotel room. A friends’ wife and my wife have figured out the amenities to look for in the hotel room (kitchen, refrigerator, microwave) and in the meantime they had also shortlisted the hotels near the area we are traveling to and had identified that there very few such rooms available at the shortlist hotels.

Now, it is for me and a friend to confirm on that hotel and book the rooms. We get on the phone and start talking about the hotel name, location, and if the shortlisted hotels anywhere closer to the vicinity, the sight seeing places around the hotel, parks, museums, etc etc…

well, what we did with our phone conversation for over 20 to 30minutes was to digress ourselves, open maps software, look for areas, on and on and on…

We then come back to the already shortlisted hotels (not finding other hotels) and use the same web browser session that was already open, and waiting for ready to place a reservation. Now, I proceed further providing the names, credit card numbers, scrutinizing the payment methods, cancellation policy,  etc.. Web site allowed me to enter my data and proceed. Now it errors out “we are unable to process your order……”

We wear our analytical heads and find all the faults on that web page, viz., “oh! website says pick the credit card type, but there is nothing listed in the drop down”, “why is this site not intuitive enough” blah blah blah.. when the browser session was expired and obviously I was kicked out. Well, we both try another instance, search for the same hotel room, now it says “no rooms available for your given dates, …….”

We called the hotel to enquire some information, and citing that we noticed the availability but it doesn’t show up there and rant about it…

Anyways, coming back to original steps, logged in again to the website, and we were able to place a reservation at the same hotel.


It is interesting that most times, we tend to use our analytical brains (at times when not required) and spend all the energy and realize we didn’t have to use our analysis paralysis but just have some common sense. I know common sense is not common and hence the extra-ordinary people are such because they are a little extra than ordinary people! *wink*

October 24, 2008 12:02 am

Bawarchi (1972)

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We watched a Hindi movie titled “Bawarchi” on TV  this evening. I had heard of this movie long time ago but had never watched it before. It was starred by Rajesh Khanna, is a real funny movie with a same amount of people involvement and a story around a big family staying together where a cook gets involved with the family and helps them refine their personalities and understand each other.

How many times have you gone to a seminar or a personal development class and realized, “Oh! I already knew this”  “oh! looks like nothing new, and I know most of these” and yet, deep inside you hear “hmm.. I knew but haven’t been behaving that way”.  So we realize our inner personalities and regain the faded talents. We then polish those traits and make it better to set and uphold our personal brand.

I liked what the character said at the end of the play: “All I did was to help them refine/re-shine their own personal characteristics and understand each other within a family”

It was a great movie over all…

We also noticed something interesting.

1. There was a scene where a bunch of teachers read out the news paper and comment “Is there anything other than murders, thefts, etc on this newspaper?” well, this movie was made in 1972 (about 36years ago). Now, Fast forward 36 years, take out any general news paper and read the headlines (exception financial and sports magazines), and is there a day where there was no murders, no thefts, no harassment discussed? So this has been the same 35years ago and it is the same today. I know we often say, those days were golden, those days were great, blah blah blah. But I just realized, there are certain things that never change.

2. There was another scene where an eldest of the family (Head of household) says, “in our times, we used to wake up as early as 5:30am and get lot of things done, people of this age don’t realize and not wake up until 10am” –> fast forward 36years, how many times have you heard this or similar lately?

August 6, 2008 10:10 pm

Healthcare issues…

I came across this article on wall street journal titled “Much of Asia fails in healthcare“.

In a conversation with my parents when they said “many brides in India look for grooms living in the United States”. My response was, is it still the case, I don’t think it is the case any longer as I have heard about the greater economy, better supporting government (?), Privatization of lots of initiatives that are providing better employment opportunities, better cash flow, etc etc. anyways, that is a different context.

But as mentioned in this article, no matter how great the economy is, no matter how infrastructure is being built or designed, we still have the basic fundamental issue of taking care of the children at rural areas and some part of urban areas as well. The sad part is “Healthcare facilities in India and the Asia-Pacific region was also hampered by corruption“. What I have also noticed with all those infrastructure improvements, facilities, multistoried buildings, malls, etc etc was the fact from this article “underlining a widening gap between rich and poor across“. The standard and cost of living has risen so much in the past decade – but we still have the poor reaching towards poorer and the gap is so much. Poor still playing the catch up game in this part of economy.

What do you think is the solution? or is there a solution at all?

June 4, 2008 9:28 pm

It is 1am, a Cat is crying somewhere….

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The other night at around 1am, while I was still awake reading, heard a cat’s voice. It was a bit feeble but still audible enough to check it out. At first if it was our 3year old daughter, but then, I heard my wife woke up as well and asked me if I heard the cat’s voice as well. I agreed, yes. Just about while I tried to listen well if it was coming from inside the house or from outside, just in case if one entered the house and trapped somewhere. I looked around upstairs and proceeded towards downstairs to check it out. We knew the doors were locked and checked again for a garage door and the garage. since, it is possible that Cat might have entered the garage when I parked the car at around 10pm. Well, didn’t find any.

Now, the voice got more feeble when I listened from the 1st level compared to the 2nd level. Peeked outside the window for any clues – none. Looked around the yard – none.

around this time when my wife reminded me of an article she read somewhere, about the hoax where people tend to have a recorded voice of either cat or a baby crying, trap the people for any reason. hmm… now, I don’t have a flash light at home, should I go out to look further – may be on the roof, may be by plants around the house, what next?

Should we call someone? if so, whom? like a 911? or a police department or city pet department?

one side of my brain started thinking various things. What if it was really a cat trapped somewhere on the roof or by the plants? what if it needed some help? what if it was a little kitten seeking help? What if it was shivering out of cold on a rainy night and needed some help?

on the other side, what if it was the other way? something worse, something threatening?

I had attended a presentation the other day, where I heard, software testing is about going further to see what happens. well it did not have a clause “depending on the circumstances“.  well again, that was for a software testing *sigh*

Anyways, midst of these, I started to dose off 🙂

What would you do in such a situation?  Two options:
A. do nothing? –> this has two folds: (a) feel sorry the next morning for not helping a poor kitten, if it was a real animal (b) be glad for not taking that decision, since it was fake.
B. Go and check it out and face the outcome

Moments later the cat’s voice fainted. My wife said that she heard additional noise at this time. I asked if she heard the footsteps or car or else or may be a cat jumped off of a tree or roof.  Cat’s cry was stopped. I woke up again, looked out the windows for any clues, didn’t find any.

Looked outside the next morning and didn’t find any cat around.

February 23, 2008 1:39 pm

People strength – talent – aren’t these great assets to a company?

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I have been reading several articles about the recent Yahoo-Microsoft deal. Pretty much all the write-ups I have read, bosted about the market opportunity, strategic investments, stock holders and investors, other counter parts in china and Japan, etc etc etc, but no where that I noticed that the company also has a talented people to build stuffs that market wants. Here is an excerpt from a recent article – [link]

[Yahoo’s] assets — our brand and its audience, our relationships with marketers, our financial strength, our technology, and our strategic investments — are the core of our value and our leadership position in the industry,” Yang wrote

That’s interesting.

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