June 22, 2018 12:38 am

Book Review: The Lean startup

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The Lean Startup by Eric Ries is one of the significant books I have read in the recent past. Great tips and examples to learn processes for a start up. You have the Ideas, start rolling them the product. This book can be your tag along guide as you go through the process.

My understanding before reading this book was , it was geared for those geeks who want to start a new company and explore into various options to making their ideas transforming into cool products. However, As I went through reading each chapter, I was able to recall my day to day projects at work and apply some of those concepts. A start up company OR an established company but coming up with new products and features , this book would help in visualizing and developing those cool features faster and obtain feedback along the way.

This book is structured into 3 sections – Vision, Steer and Accelerate. A key take away about adopting the projects into a Lean fashion, is the amount of learning you have while developing that cool product or feature. Validated the learning and identify the moment of flying out with colors, or Pivot and improve the course.

LOFA – Leap of Faith Assumption – is a key in taking risks and getting into the venture – either in-house or through external VC funding, Execution, and last not but not the list Innovative Accounting for the investment of all the resources (Time, Money, Ideas, and any other raw materials  like expertise, technology, etc.,)

This book will walk you through Learning opportunities via Experimentation, LOFA leading to execution, defining MVP (Minimum viable product) , marketing, being flexible on Pivoting / Perseverance. These should go with some sort of Feedback in the so-called Build-Measure-Learn pattern.

Later part of the book takes you  through batching process, the efficiency / Effective way of batching work size, with simple examples and case studies. This chapter however, I think, is somewhat debatable. I sense there are some overlapping thoughts, contradictory statements between the types of batches appropriate. But however, I agree, it is contextual and depends on the project is appropriate to go batch process, and if so, the size, feature set, and the product.

There are numerous examples all through the book that would help to learn from others’ experience. If not anything, I would recommend you read all those examples provided across the book. Examples from Groupon, Facebook, Toyota, and several other companies included in the book. Fascinating examples to learn from.

One key take-away for troubleshooting the process or incidents. I also learned this from my little one a few years ago, of asking Why on every response. “5-Whys” is a technique described here, coined by Toyota Production process to identify the core root cause. “5” may not be a silver bullet or a golden rule, but use the depth as appropriate to the context.


August 6, 2008 10:10 pm

Healthcare issues…

I came across this article on wall street journal titled “Much of Asia fails in healthcare“.

In a conversation with my parents when they said “many brides in India look for grooms living in the United States”. My response was, is it still the case, I don’t think it is the case any longer as I have heard about the greater economy, better supporting government (?), Privatization of lots of initiatives that are providing better employment opportunities, better cash flow, etc etc. anyways, that is a different context.

But as mentioned in this article, no matter how great the economy is, no matter how infrastructure is being built or designed, we still have the basic fundamental issue of taking care of the children at rural areas and some part of urban areas as well. The sad part is “Healthcare facilities in India and the Asia-Pacific region was also hampered by corruption“. What I have also noticed with all those infrastructure improvements, facilities, multistoried buildings, malls, etc etc was the fact from this article “underlining a widening gap between rich and poor across“. The standard and cost of living has risen so much in the past decade – but we still have the poor reaching towards poorer and the gap is so much. Poor still playing the catch up game in this part of economy.

What do you think is the solution? or is there a solution at all?

February 23, 2008 1:39 pm

People strength – talent – aren’t these great assets to a company?

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I have been reading several articles about the recent Yahoo-Microsoft deal. Pretty much all the write-ups I have read, bosted about the market opportunity, strategic investments, stock holders and investors, other counter parts in china and Japan, etc etc etc, but no where that I noticed that the company also has a talented people to build stuffs that market wants. Here is an excerpt from a recent article – [link]

[Yahoo’s] assets — our brand and its audience, our relationships with marketers, our financial strength, our technology, and our strategic investments — are the core of our value and our leadership position in the industry,” Yang wrote

That’s interesting.

November 17, 2006 8:36 am

Pen and Paper…

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I stumbled on this blog post 5 reasons to use pen-paper to do list – it is a good read. I was meaning to add couple of examples or points to it. Using Paper/Pen – becomes so economical and easier for better visualization. Also, not to forget, most of the successful business plans and ideas were written on kitchen napkins over the lunch/dinner.

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