November 1, 2015 1:08 pm

Aloo bonda

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After a long time, we thought of making aaloo bonda (potato) at home. It was just instantaneous that our friends were coming home that afternoon, we looked around for the ingredients required , and happened to have all of those available at home. Viola ! there got started the process of making bonda within half hour.

Aloo bonda

Process at a high level:

  • Make bonda vege mix out of Potato , peas and other ingredients.
  • Prepare batter out of chick peas flour (besan) , rice flour, chilli powder, and other spices
  • Make little rounds of the vegetable mix prepared above
  • Boil oil for deep fry
  • deep fry the the vege dipped in batter until it turns golden brown
  • Wait to slightly cool down to a consumable temperature
  • Eat with chutney or ketchup or as it is.

A good food when it is drizzling out and would prefer to munch something spicy with a cup of coffee or tea 🙂
During my childhood, my dad used to make these on evenings while it was pouring out and I would have just then reached home from school with all drenched in pouring rain. This used to be heaven. I loved it.

i will post the detailed recipe to my ootathindi blog when I find some time to do so.

oh did I say, because I had a bit of extra batter left out – I made some assorted bajjis too – they got missing for pictures apparently. Key ingredient contributors for assorted bajjis – Eggplant, Dates, .. hmm, yummilicious 🙂


July 9, 2009 5:11 am

Trading on Beads…

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Kids appear to learn the trading very early age. I remember the childhood days when we used to exchange little things like pencils, books and even the lunch / snacks that we used carry to school.

We recently noticed our little one taking her beads to school every day and they were not brought back. We didn’t realize for some time, although there is a restriction at the school that some kinds of toys are not supposed to be taken to the school (like soft toys), and when asked why she was taking out her beads from home, she says:
v: I gave my beads to a classmate “S”
I: hmm… great, but is there a reason why you wanted to give away your beads to her?
v: um… i give her my beads and she will give me the stars – (i thought stars are stickers)
I: so where are the stars?
v: not with me yet, she said she would bring it when i give her all my beads
I: hmm.. thats not good.

Thinking about it, there are 2 pieces to it:
1. it is appreciable that kids learn about trading, and economically/financially it is good cultivate that habit of give and take, so that keeps the transactions straight and no hassles. This reminds me of my own experience that I do, I am good at giving but at the same time not really so good at receiving end, even when it comes to trading if initiated by me. for instance, I ‘m willing to offer my help in all possible ways, but at the same time I am so hesitant to ask for help. I can go help our neighbors or friends or community help out, and when I need some help with either vehicle, or household projects, I am so hesitant to ask that help. If asked, I am sure they would all jump in to help me, but I don’t know how to ask, I would rather do it myself or pay some other business to do it for me. I wish I could learn the art of “asking for help”.

2. Is it too early for her to learn and understand the trading concepts now.  Is there a recommended age for kids brain to grasp the concept and go the right path? Or does it develop a mindset of always seeking something in return for a help provided? for a value provided? Is it good or not so good to have such expectations to get something in return? There are several questions come into my mind, and but should I impose these in her little brain?

Parenting is a great learning to apply various learning into practice. 🙂

March 7, 2008 12:01 am

Childhood Memories: Bunking classes…

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I am inspired from Vijay‘s post “Missing School – Part 1” and got myself to flash back on my school days. I studied at Jnana Mitra High School in SBM Colony, Bangalore.

As I remember, I was very studious, obedient, good boy kind of a person during my school days and I did not know any other places except walking from home to school. I used to start 20 minutes before the start time, it would take about 20 minutes to walk down to the school which was about 1.2miles away. School ends at 5pm and I used to be home at 5:20’ish, to go to the evening classes at 6:30pm and that was bout 10 minutes away from home. It used to be busy days in general.

However, in the midst of these, I recall few instances where we (about 4-5 kids) used to take off from school, not letting anyone know and back home around the same time we would return from school. so what did we do for those hours…

1. “mara kothi aata” –> I don’t know the English version of this name. all the kids except one, used to climb up trees (about 3 minutes away from school) and one on the ground. Monkeys (kids) on the tree should jump around the branches and jump over to another tree. One on the floor needs to catch the kid jumping over. If caught, that kid’s turn to watch out for other monkeys. This was fun

2. Tamarind Tree: There were about 5 tamarind trees about 5 minutes away from our school. Go over there and throw stones at tamarind. We used to eat those so much at the time. We would do this until either some one get hurt or if any home owners around the trees come after us.

3. about half hour from the school, were beautiful Grapes fields. This used to be fun, go over to the fields, pluck bunches of green grapes, oh! yummyy!!!!  eat ’em all, and back to school in another hour or two.

4. around the same place where grapes fields were, there were few creeks on the way. We used to get into the creeks. we did not know swimming, and did not have towels or any, so didn’t really jump in, but still well get wet playing in the creek water. The place used to be lonely, no people around, that means, even if some animals come through, we would not know. that was scary, but we never felt so, back in those days. Oh! we did not know if the creek water was good one or ummm…. umm… back waters 🙂

5. There was this season called “Cricket“. We used to go some one’s house to watch cricket, during our lunchtime and at times past those lunch hours. I still remember a resident asked us if we were missing classes or if it was off that day, when we knocked the door and requested to allow us inside to watch TV. Well, I think it was a Saturday, and we said the school was over (saturday’s school hours used to be 8am – noon). Watching Cricket at the stores and other homes, did continue during my PU and Engg days as well. hehe

Anyhow, I did not know the word “bunking” classes until I went to the college I think.

Funny thing is, I am blogging about these now, but I don’t think I had ever shared these with my parents or anybody else. I have probably shared few of these memories with my wife. I don’t think I will share these with my 3yr old little girl while telling her the stories – and these would become “of course not” (copyright: Vijay) category.

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