October 31, 2015 11:15 pm

Kids Birthday

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For whatever the reason we couldn’t celebrate our kid’s 3rd birthday couple months ago. Our friends were so particular about not skipping his birthday celebration, even if it was a small scale to our usual. Last weekend, was the day finally worked for all of us to meet together and get this going.


Kids enjoyed the most. The fine morning, it was still cloudy and drizzling, but around the time we were about getting ready, the Sun god showed some mercy and starting showing himself around with a little rays of sunshine and a cool breeze due to drizzle from that morning. We went over to a nearby park to get some fresh air and keep a tradition of his birthday being at the park. Thats what we did the previous years. In a way being a summer born, it works out to go rent a place in a nearby park and have the kids enjoy the environment, instead of confined within 4 walls , that’s usually what happens for our daughter, being a winter born kind 🙂


After the Cake cutting, songs, and playing a bit on park equipment,  we all drove home for the yummilicious food.


Being thankful for the friends around and for their friendship. Thank you for making this happen. 3yr old, and his sister and parents have all loved and appreciations go a long way.



April 16, 2012 9:11 pm

I can sort your linked list…

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V had her school project for word grouping to vowels , she cleared it.

To stretch further I asked to sort those words alphabetically.

She said yes.

I wanted to make sure she really understood my question. Asked her a few times and said the sorting should be really at each letter and not just the 1st letter of the word.

She confirmed she did.

Asked, between spoon and scale , which one comes first. Sure enough , she said scale, and that seemed she understood.

In few minutes, she confirmed that she completed. I said , are you sure you followed the instruction. It couldn’t be completed this fast .

I went over to check. And sure enough, she had sorted the words alphabetically.

I said, how did you complete this sorting, my linked list sorting is still isn’t working. For that she replied: “Give me your linked list and I can sort it in your computer program”. ..


Looks like learning programming or new latest upcoming technology from her is not too far… 🙂

November 23, 2010 4:22 pm

Seeds Vs Grapes

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In conversation with 5yr old on grapes and seeds, and how the grape seeds are planted to get the grapes while she was eating red grapes and how she didn’t like those because of seeded grapes. and asks, if these seeds are planted to get the grapes, how are seedless grapes planted when there were no seeds. … and so also seedless Oranges, seedless Pomegranates, etc?

May 6, 2010 12:39 am

Dad, I recorded your dream in my dream

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In one of the conversations with my little one recently:

me: I dreamt a roller coaster ride, wish i was a painter to describe that in pictures;
my daughter: dad, i video recorded your ride in my dream

February 15, 2010 1:42 am

You do know one song daddy!

It is often great to learn that we learn from toddlers. We had been to a local community celebration – Kannada sangha’s sanranti gathering – this afternoon. One of our neighbors sang a couple of songs. I had one of those songs several times before in my childhood and also later years. We were driving and starting humming that song. Being sheepish for yet not knowing the lyrics, I said – to my wife on passenger seat, “although I seem to know several songs – one or two liners – I wish I had known complete lyrics of at least one song. I need to learn the lyrics so i can hum a complete song.”

Now, from the back – on a child seat – our daughter chimed in – i thought she had fallen asleep, but looks like she was still alert thought about to fall asleep. we couldn’t here at the front and asked her to repeat – says: you know one song completely daddy – mudaakaraatha modakam [youtube video]. Well, we had both learned this song together a few months ago.

My wife chimed in – “look: she wants to encourage and uplift you to the best of her knowledge”

Certainly, it is interesting. When I thought about how and what most adults would have responded when I said, i didn’t know a single song completely, it would probably have been (a ) accept what i said (b) console in a different way (c ) some words that might make me feel much sorry about myself 🙂

On the other hand she didn’t want me to feel sorry for not knowing other songs, and rather uplift or encourage for knowing one so keep up learning others – not a big deal.

It is the matter of Attitude and how others centric that we get to in helping others grow.

To an extent it also follows (in terms of awareness and learn) what I just learned on Alan Page’s blog – about 5 orders of Ignorance – in the context of software development  – Links here – article about 5OI ; 5 orders of Ignorance

January 20, 2010 12:37 am

I don’t like your <fill in>

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It is interesting to know that 4 or 5 year olds are being taught on “how to handle rejections”, “how to handle ridicules”, “how to handle talks” etc… Although it is amazing what kids “Pre-School” pick up during the conversations. I have heard them fighting or making negative comments. What i thought was it was just natural for kids to fight one moment and the same kids being best of the best friends the next moment. It happens with siblings too.

This week, I have noticed a different approach my daughter has learned. She is practicing it in a way, and wants us to tell her that we don’t like her clothes. I was surprised. My wife checked with school teacher about it and realized, the kids are being trained on how to handle such comments. That’s nice.

V: Dad, tell me that my dress is not good; tell me that you don’t like my dress; tell me you don’t like my hair band, etc….
me: why?
V: tell me any of these.. ok, what if I say, I don’t like your shirt?
me: hmm… why? what happened?
[if this was not the context, I don’t know how I would have responded (or reacted) to this question, depending on my mind set at that point of time. How about you?] and I ended up saying “No worries”

Now, it was my turn to rehearse this with her.
me: V- I don’t like your hair band, I don’t talk to you.
V: [with all the same energy and great attitude, with a big smile on her face, says] that’s ok, never mind you don’t have to talk to me for now. We will get better. thank you.
me: [I was like .. speechless for a moment, and then realized, hmm.. this might get into either defensive (ego?) or fade away into another direction, but said] ok

And i think I had this conversation continued for another minute or so and then diverted the conversation. But it is great to know that kids are trained on such little aspects. Keeping the right attitude, taking things professionally and turning heated comments into humors, is certainly a talent one must possess, and cool thing is “it can be learned”. It helps not only in school days, but in other phases for the rest of the life.

Listened to Pranesh on youtube yesterday – http ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1e1HTQAr_XE – kannada comedy show. He has shared several instances where a serious situation could be turned into humorous one by keeping the awareness, a great attitude and being optimistic in life. 

hope she keeps that great attitude going forward and handle life graciously…

December 22, 2009 12:31 am

Please leave your shoes on rack…

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I was at a local temple one evening recently. There is a fairly big room as soon as we enter in to leave our shoes; and a wash basin to wash our hands before we go upstairs to the main hall where the deities are located.

There are bunch of racks nailed to the walls of that shoe area so people can keep their shoes on those racks so the floor doesn’t look messy. and it is also nice if people abide by that and keep their footwear properly and would be easier for themselves to find their respective footwear. However, it is not often that we see people doing so. Most people just leave their footwear wherever they want and go away.

A little after I went in, I started hearing the voice of some kids saying “keep your shoes on rack” repeatedly from the corner where the footwear room was located. What I thought was some kids were actually cleaning up there while saying this. Why not! they probably wanted to teach lessons to the adults. One of the ways to make culprits guilty is by helping them the right way. Well, I ignored for that moment and went away. I came back 30mins later and still heard the voice, went in to pick up my shoes, and realized there was a boom box playing a CD.

It is a nice move – a great idea, whoever have thought about it. Looks like they have recorded several kids saying the phrase “please leave your shoes on rack” repeatedly and that’s being played at the entrance/exit of that room. Helps in multiple ways

1. Parents who come with little ones, have to abide by that, ‘coz i am sure those parents want their kids to learn right way, at least, if not themselves
2. people without kids would notice kids doing it the right way and they ought to be feeling guilty if they didn’t do so.
3. kids who come in there, obviously hear those words and they start picking up other shoes lying on floor and stack them up on the racks.

but overall, certainly eye opener for adults! I liked that idea – a brilliant idea.

October 21, 2009 11:58 pm

Where is my Computer?

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I remember talking about this in one of my blog posts before, that most often one of tricks my 4yr daughter has learned to get me do anything viz., wake up, go to her toy room, go over to car, etc has become through my laptop computer. the Typical conversation:

V: Daddy, please look at at this
me: okay, good (without even looking at her)
V: daddy. lets go, it is going to be late for school
me: okay, lets go. please wear your shoes
V: i need your help
me: ok, lets get to the car (daddy not even moved from the chair)
V: (now getting irritated a bit) closes my laptop computer takes it along with her.
daddy now follows wherever she goes with the laptop computer in hand.

last night, a similar instance happened when she was about to sleep and perhaps needed me or her mom to put her to bed. I didn’t nudge but doing something else in living room allowing my computer battery to charge.

She looks at the computer around and picks it up, and goes upstairs.

I followed her but I was a bit late by the time I had a cup of water in Kitchen on the way, and she didn’t have the computer in hand later. I came over to the bedroom to put her to sleep; checked with her several times for my computer. She would say, she would not give it and apparently she doesn’t know and laughs..

I kept asking “where is my computer?” “Where did you hide my computer?” I looked at my bedroom, bathroom, 2nd room, 3rd room, closets, drawers, etc but it wasn’t around. Where would she have kept it in that brief few mins.

Finally, I went to her closet and found my computer. While I had some fun with her on this game – however, I think I need to reduce being on computer so long every day…

October 6, 2009 1:44 am

is it Monday tomorrow?

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several weeks ago, my wife had to travel and she announced it to our 4yr old daughter on Friday in view of preparing her. Travel was scheduled to Monday and return on Friday (about 4 days). our daughter was encouraging enough and took it sportive. She understood that she would have to stay with me and no mommy at home.

Funny thing was she is learning about week days, although she knows the days, the sequence is still a bit confusing to her. We were on our dining table over lunch and the conversation goes:

L: V- I am going out of town on Monday and you would have to stay with daddy
V: she was already prepped the previous day, and she was ok. and said “ok”
and the conversation went around about her plans for school, play around etc. without knowing the sequence, She asked what day is today?
I: i said, “Saturday”
V: when would it be Monday? is tomorrow Monday?
L: yey! 2 more days, do you want to send me off today itself?
V: oh! tomorrow is Sunday and then Monday?
L: yes
V: Why is it not Monday tomorrow? why is it not today?
L: because it is Saturday
V: no! i want it to be Monday toDDDay…
My wife was like, both daddy and daughter are READY to send me off and have fun. 🙂
I: LOL!!!!

it took a while to explain her and all the while she was still being prep’d for come Monday 🙂

Anyways, it is sometimes hard to answer kids and deal with kids. They can be very understanding at a moment and very aggressive the other moment.

August 17, 2009 6:11 pm

will count to 100….

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from the time my 4yr old has learned counting numbers, it has been interesting how she include her learning to day to day activities. I don’t remember telling her that I would count number for her to do something. I am referring to the one we often see the instances in general, that count 3 or count 10 for someone to do something for us. Anyways, count 10 is normal as I have heard before for various instances (incl. anger management 🙂 )

A typical conversation while I’m on my computer…

V: daddy, please come
me: sure, give me just a minute (well, this minute at times often 10-30mins or until she or I forget the task)
V: daddy, lets go;
me: okay, i am on my way – go ahead to the door, wear your sandals, and I will be right there
V: (she does all those, waits for longer, remove her sandals and back to me) daddy, ‘m back
me: oh! okay did you go to the door, alright, lets go (but still on computer)
V: okay i am counting 100 now, start
me: hmm, sure (i think for a moment that 100 would give me enough time), please count
V: 1,        2,           3,          4,         5, ………
me: good, that pace buys me more time now, I chuckle myself not letting her know
V: now the pace speeds up a bit after 20; 21,   22,    23,   24,   25 ….
(and further more)
31,32,33,34,35….. 71,72,73,……
(and there 100)
me: oh! one hundred already? did you miss any numbers?
V: Noooooooooo
me: (i finally close the computer and go)

well, at least she is not aware of counting 1-10 and for her counting 100 is a norm for now… 🙂

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