June 3, 2016 9:25 pm

Engineering Quality vs UX Quality (Knowledge vs Understanding)

Quite an interesting concept about what and how our mind perceives learning into the muscle memory and the effort it takes to unlearn and re-adapt based on the newly learned information. The important thing to note is, it is doable. Adapting to change is what creates the engine going. In this video, the designer talks about the understanding and the tacit knowledge with an example of riding a bicycle.  The knowledge could have possibly come from the previous understanding. Just because we understood some concept doesn’t mean it gets into our DNA right away, it takes enough practice and re-emphasis to make it happen. The take away from this talk is – Understanding, Knowledge and Adapting to the change with the newly found information.


Looking at this video at first, I used part of my “fixed mindset” to conclude, why should we design bicycle differently. I later changed it to an “open mindset” and applied the thoughts to other areas. I would suggest you to watch this with an open mind and look for the implicit concept and areas it can be applied to.
(Picture : from the video)



On one of the products I worked few years ago, though we Engineering wanted to upgrade to a better UI, a better performance, on a better and improved technology – the users weren’t ready to accept. Given a mission critical revenue generating application, the business wasn’t ready to accept a new proposed changes. We met with business team to understand the rationale and realized – One of the key resistance points was, the users were so much used to the product, including the tab order (note: the tab order was incorrect at that time), and such a change (though corrective) would derail their productivity with unlearning and learning process. We negotiated differently and found alternate ways to upgrade eventually.


Looking around, I see several products that we use fall under this category.

  • Do you see similar examples around?
  • Are there any products that you use for yourself, and you wouldn’t appreciate if it was changed?  🙂



September 15, 2012 7:27 am

Cars run on Alternate fuels

The other day , Vidya and I were driving to her art class while filled the gas on the way, she asked :

V: appa (dad) when I grow up to age to drive the car, what kind of cars will be around? are they Gasoline fueled or like hybrids

Me: These cars would still be around (given that it is about 10yrs away)

V: would most of the cars be Gasoline, hybrid or electric?

Me: with the trend, I would foresee mostly electric cars, tremendously improved with mileage, (and so on and so forth)

V: appa, I would probably prefer the cars run on Air fuel, are there those around? If not, how is this IDEA?

Me: made me think. hmmm… isn’t this fantastic idea? but why do you think so? Why air and not electric?

V: Now we stop and at times panic for running out of gas. We saw the electric fueling (charging) station at the city hall or would charge at home, we still need to stop and panic if we run out of battery, like you do when I play games on your phone.  So with air, the fuel can be generated on go, and not panic for gas stations.

Me: Fantastic idea.

V: Can you help me build this kind of car So we would be the FIRST Inventors ?

Me: Lets do some read up on this aspect.

By then we arrived at the arts class location and the conversation paused. I was curious and while waiting at her class, started looking up on similar concept. Looks like there are some similar concepts and research in progress, and some hit the streets .

Do you foresee any improvements in that area? Know of any pointers for further research?


April 7, 2009 10:23 pm

GM/Segway innovative PUMA

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While driving from work this evening I heard this on Radio that GM is partnering with Segway imageto come up with a 2-passenger vehicle on Segway’s model and would run on the battery. Following are the facts I heard :
1. moves at 35mph
2. looks elegant but a modified version of Segway
3. GM is probably looking to produce this starting 2012
4. No comments about pricing yet
5. PUMA would have sensor ability to keep away from the vehicles and the pedestrians, making it safer to ride.

few questions posed:
1. would it be safer on our roads?
2. It is very small and not safe to be on road with other vehicles; but it is quite bigger to use on sidewalks
3. What are the designated places this device is intended to be used?
4. cities’ infrastructure department might think of constructing separate lanes for these models like (like the bicycle lane)

see a video here on this blog [picture snapshot from one of these videos]

PUMA stands for: Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility

more on huffingtonpost [link]

see more on Segway website:  http://www.segway.com/puma/ ; http://www.segway.com/blog/20090406introducing-project-puma-329.html

March 11, 2009 5:48 pm

Store groceries in transparent containers….

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Recently received an email about seeing a dead mouse in a bag of lentils. A person bought a 8lb bag of toor dhal took out some to prepare food, and poured the remaining to a canister. While doing so, noticed something unusual and figured it was a dead little mouse. hmm… that’s not good. glad they took it back to the store and communicated an issue to the distributors or packing company.

At times, it might be an accident that things get into the sacks of grains at the packing locations, however the best thing that we can do from our side to be cautious is, I think to have these poured into our own transparent canisters (like this person did) so contents can be visible and we be alert before cooking them.

Moral: Pour the grains out of the non-transparent bag into a transparent air tight containers before using any part of it.

February 28, 2009 11:31 pm

Flying? better keep some cash handy…

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…. yes, there were times I have boarded domestic planes without having any cash in my pocket. When my wife told me about this news, I laughed saying it could just be a humor with the economic situation we are currently in. However, I noticed this post on Wired magazine today, that an airline indeed is planning to charge passengers for using the restrooms onboard. Given the conditions, I would probably not get surprised if airlines say, they would charge some money if you take a carry-on bag on board like they way some airles charge for Check-in bags now. I know the snacks, drinks, water are sold on-board, but it is interesting to see that creative idea of having a Pay-restroom on-board.

I wonder if that is also timed like pay phones – a dollar for 3 minutes and 50cents every minute then on. Of if it were to be pre-pay for “n” minutes, make sure to get out within that time, else no water, paper towel, hand soap dispensed!

Not sure where the economy leads us to, or I should probably say another way, we aren’t sure where we take the current economy towards…

Necessity Influences Creativity!

August 8, 2008 11:51 am


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Isn’t this a great memorable day? 8th of August, 2008. I don’t know if this has any significant stories like others we had come across viz.,, however, to-date I remember 3 such instances but not really the others.

a. 8/8/88: I took a typewriter exam during my school days

b. 6/6/6: It was just before I left for India on a business trip. My wife and I took a day off from work and went around the city, ate outside, went to a movie ( i don’t remember the name); we took our then 15month old daughter to the swimming pool and had a great time.

c. 7/7/7: unfortunately, I wasn’t really feeling well during this time. However, my wife’s parents were with us visiting here. We drove from LA to Las Vegas after eating at a Udupi Palace restaurant @Artesia, CA. Once reached Vegas, and while checking in at the hotel, we noticed many celebrations and hotel rooms were sold out (we had pre-booked anyways) and the receptionist said, the day has been busy that there were lots of weddings scheduled for that day, and that’s when we realized it was 7.7.7!!

I don’t remember what I did for 9.9.99 or 2.2.2 and others…

I didn’t realize until this morning about 8.8.8 so do not have anything specially planned this time.

How is/was your 8/8/8?

July 8, 2008 8:26 pm

Baby Birth Greeting from The White House…

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Did you know that you can receive a greetings from the White House when baby is born? You just need to provide the Baby’s name and address on this website [ https://app1.whitehouse.gov/greetings/baby ] and it will be sent across to your address.

That’s awesome!

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