April 25, 2009 12:18 am

Economic Crisis…

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… how did we end up with the economic crisis we are in today. It has been hard for me understand the basics with all the things been going on. I received this pointer from some one yesterday, and the video appears to be very informative – see more: Crisis of Credit


March 1, 2009 10:13 pm

Economy and Housing …

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I came across a post on Hannah’s blog post pointing to a video that describes image / narrates

several people [link] living in Tents having lost their home, job, cars, etc.. This is probably the worst of the economy I have seen.

Few days ago, there was a similar conversation about this kind of situation and some one said, there might be a day when we open the news papers and see “these many have given up their lives to get away from whatever their situation.” Well, that’s a failure to think that route. I believe NOW is the time we need to get creative. Necessity Influences Creativity. What kind of businesses are able to weather this turbulence?  We often see people getting together and help each other at the times of natural disasters like earthquakes and floods. I think this is another disaster and situation gets better, and looks like we need to pay the price.

BangaloreBlues has a post about small business / local convenience stores. He says “Looks like the smaller businesses have survived better

What are some right things people can do to survive and get back to warm homes in addition to looking for their jobs in this situation? Agreed it depends on their skill set and willingness to perform the task.


February 28, 2009 11:31 pm

Flying? better keep some cash handy…

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…. yes, there were times I have boarded domestic planes without having any cash in my pocket. When my wife told me about this news, I laughed saying it could just be a humor with the economic situation we are currently in. However, I noticed this post on Wired magazine today, that an airline indeed is planning to charge passengers for using the restrooms onboard. Given the conditions, I would probably not get surprised if airlines say, they would charge some money if you take a carry-on bag on board like they way some airles charge for Check-in bags now. I know the snacks, drinks, water are sold on-board, but it is interesting to see that creative idea of having a Pay-restroom on-board.

I wonder if that is also timed like pay phones – a dollar for 3 minutes and 50cents every minute then on. Of if it were to be pre-pay for “n” minutes, make sure to get out within that time, else no water, paper towel, hand soap dispensed!

Not sure where the economy leads us to, or I should probably say another way, we aren’t sure where we take the current economy towards…

Necessity Influences Creativity!

February 21, 2009 1:44 am

Learn to be disciplined, otherwise you will be forced to….

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Noticed a great article on Wharton website through my linked-In connection about how the shopping experience has been and how it would be in near future. As I was reading through initial paragraphs of this article, my skeptic mind kept saying, “… just a temporary, didn’t we have similar economic cycles before? where those consumers, what did they learn? why did they change their habits again? on and on and on”. However as I proceeded further, I did notice few wordings that made me write this section and refer back to the original article. ” … definitely changed by what has happened. I don’t think they will go back to spending like they did, at least not anytime soon” –> the latter section of this sentence makes sense. World economy did wobble twice in past 2 decades, 1970s was another instance as I heard from people around here. and there was one in 1920s and 1930s. Well, does it mean people have kept their learnings through out? may be or may be not.

I also think, at times, such economic turbulences are unique and hard to compare.

further reading through the article for which I came up with the title on this post was the section with “Consumers have cut back sharply, not by choice, but because credit card companies and other lenders pulled their support for the consumption binge that fed into the current financial collapse” –> that is another profound statement. so people are being forced by the credit companies to be frugal. There has been a saying about “stay within your means / budget” when it comes to personal financial management. As I understand from my parents and many people around, this has been true (to most extent) when there was no credit card concept – either they had to borrow money (cash) from other people or banks or not buy at all (sort of envelopes way of budgeting) however, that is not the case anymore, just use the Credit Card and pay later (buy now pay later)

Well, it has both pros and cons with respect to economy.

It is a great article … read the rest [link]

February 3, 2009 7:25 pm

Save, Spend, Income…

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Interesting to see the news clips that are contradicting although some are internally supporting the reasons. It is like a saying we have in Kannada “haavu saaybeku kolu muribardhu” translate “kill the snake without breaking the stick” ; understood this saying might not be exactly related the situation we have, but it looks like Economy is expecting the people to spend when there are more and more people filing for unemployment, bankruptcies, going through layoffs and having trouble to make their ends meet to pay the bills at the moment.



I recently heard a debate on radio about about whether to pay stimulus to people or not pay but use that money for other projects to improve economy. someone said, even if people get the stimulus at this moment, it would either be saved or used to pay their bills and not necessarily spend at this point of time. so these are like ripple effects, one getting affected causes the chain of impacts all over.

July 13, 2008 2:17 pm

Try a scooter?

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When I arrived in the US several years ago, I was puzzled to see no 2-wheelers on roads. I was riding with a co-worker of my consulting company in New Jersey, and asked what I thought was a logical question – “do people here get on motor cycles, scooters in summer when the weather is nice?” I had arrived here in winter. So she said, not necessarily, people would still use the Cars and not many motor cycles unless it is their hobby to ride motorcycles. hmmm… I said, ok and switched to different conversation… Back then, a gallon of gasoline would cost about 90cents or a little over a dollar. It remained that way for few years until mid late 2004 when it started around $1.60 or $1.80.

anyways, now that the gas nearing $4.70 (~$5), I am seeing lot many 2-wheelers on local roads and many articles describing the what-if analysis; buy-lease analysis etc


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