October 31, 2015 11:15 pm

Kids Birthday

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For whatever the reason we couldn’t celebrate our kid’s 3rd birthday couple months ago. Our friends were so particular about not skipping his birthday celebration, even if it was a small scale to our usual. Last weekend, was the day finally worked for all of us to meet together and get this going.


Kids enjoyed the most. The fine morning, it was still cloudy and drizzling, but around the time we were about getting ready, the Sun god showed some mercy and starting showing himself around with a little rays of sunshine and a cool breeze due to drizzle from that morning. We went over to a nearby park to get some fresh air and keep a tradition of his birthday being at the park. Thats what we did the previous years. In a way being a summer born, it works out to go rent a place in a nearby park and have the kids enjoy the environment, instead of confined within 4 walls , that’s usually what happens for our daughter, being a winter born kind 🙂


After the Cake cutting, songs, and playing a bit on park equipment,  we all drove home for the yummilicious food.


Being thankful for the friends around and for their friendship. Thank you for making this happen. 3yr old, and his sister and parents have all loved and appreciations go a long way.



August 16, 2010 12:57 am

Market Place

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It has been a long time since I had been to any crowded market place – like farmers market, etc. Though a bit cloudy last weekend, we went to a market which we always wanted to go visit but had never made that time to go over.

Weather has been interestingly off and on. We had about 70 minutes before the shops would close for the day. My wife was keen on looking for flowers and vegetable section. My daughter was just enjoying the walk around the crowded place, and to me, I was going around taking several pictures. It was a great walk there. Although it was not as crowded or interesting as the markets i had been to in Bangalore (India) 🙂 – In a way they are two extremes.

IMG_9424 (Medium)IMG_9371 (Medium)   IMG_9368 (Medium) IMG_9372 (Medium) IMG_9425 (Medium)IMG_9372 (Medium) IMG_9426 (Medium)  

Flowers are one of the greatest attractions on this part of the world during the spring summer. We don’t get to see many of those once the fall/winter starts. we bought this beautiful bouquet of flowers from one of those stores

IMG_9376 (Medium) IMG_9480 (Medium)

Fish Market
This market is also popular for fish section, although i couldn’t find where that sections was, and i wasn’t interested to go over there either. However, from what i have heard, the fish merchants or store keepers are almost always so energetic and enthusiastic about sharing the details about fish, asking questions, answering questions – and more importantly the Team Building. People often say, you’ve GOT TO learn the skills of team building and one-ness (working towards the common goal) from industry perspective, from teams perspective. That is something I wanted to see.

While walking around there, I did hear someone commenting, it is so smelly to go around the Fish market. Well, it is ought to be. However, that is probably why I didn’t dare exploring that side. I might even faint seeing those things and the smell in that area.

for the rest, yes it was great place with lots of activities.

This guy was playing an instrument made out of a tin tub and a string tied to it with a bamboo stick. It sounded very well. There was a huge crowd watching this mini-concert  there.


Looks like I didn’t capture, but a guy from blown glass articles store was packing those glass arts with bubble wrap and tied with a transparent duck tape so well, and one could carry the item without worrying about breaking them. I don’t know the price of those articles, must be expensive enough, but I guess the amount of tape and wrap he used for each item he packed could be of around 5 dollars. Talk about the Customer Experience aspect of it, I am sure is fantastic. I noticed people bought things just for the packing, although they know they are going to rip open the package when they get home. several of those people took pictures with the shop keeper. The packing skill was very much APPRECIATED.

at the end of 70minutes, we stepped into one of the cool joints and yes, it was time for a lovely ice-cream. We enjoyed the ice cream in that rather quiet ice-cream store.



By then most of the stores were rolling down the shutters and it was time for us to leave the place. and noticed some sunshine too around the end of the day.

IMG_9491 (Medium)

It was a great afternoon after all. We will probably go over again in next few weeks. And this time we should probably make it earlier in the day instead of later in the afternoon.

October 21, 2009 11:58 pm

Where is my Computer?

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I remember talking about this in one of my blog posts before, that most often one of tricks my 4yr daughter has learned to get me do anything viz., wake up, go to her toy room, go over to car, etc has become through my laptop computer. the Typical conversation:

V: Daddy, please look at at this
me: okay, good (without even looking at her)
V: daddy. lets go, it is going to be late for school
me: okay, lets go. please wear your shoes
V: i need your help
me: ok, lets get to the car (daddy not even moved from the chair)
V: (now getting irritated a bit) closes my laptop computer takes it along with her.
daddy now follows wherever she goes with the laptop computer in hand.

last night, a similar instance happened when she was about to sleep and perhaps needed me or her mom to put her to bed. I didn’t nudge but doing something else in living room allowing my computer battery to charge.

She looks at the computer around and picks it up, and goes upstairs.

I followed her but I was a bit late by the time I had a cup of water in Kitchen on the way, and she didn’t have the computer in hand later. I came over to the bedroom to put her to sleep; checked with her several times for my computer. She would say, she would not give it and apparently she doesn’t know and laughs..

I kept asking “where is my computer?” “Where did you hide my computer?” I looked at my bedroom, bathroom, 2nd room, 3rd room, closets, drawers, etc but it wasn’t around. Where would she have kept it in that brief few mins.

Finally, I went to her closet and found my computer. While I had some fun with her on this game – however, I think I need to reduce being on computer so long every day…

October 6, 2009 1:44 am

is it Monday tomorrow?

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several weeks ago, my wife had to travel and she announced it to our 4yr old daughter on Friday in view of preparing her. Travel was scheduled to Monday and return on Friday (about 4 days). our daughter was encouraging enough and took it sportive. She understood that she would have to stay with me and no mommy at home.

Funny thing was she is learning about week days, although she knows the days, the sequence is still a bit confusing to her. We were on our dining table over lunch and the conversation goes:

L: V- I am going out of town on Monday and you would have to stay with daddy
V: she was already prepped the previous day, and she was ok. and said “ok”
and the conversation went around about her plans for school, play around etc. without knowing the sequence, She asked what day is today?
I: i said, “Saturday”
V: when would it be Monday? is tomorrow Monday?
L: yey! 2 more days, do you want to send me off today itself?
V: oh! tomorrow is Sunday and then Monday?
L: yes
V: Why is it not Monday tomorrow? why is it not today?
L: because it is Saturday
V: no! i want it to be Monday toDDDay…
My wife was like, both daddy and daughter are READY to send me off and have fun. 🙂
I: LOL!!!!

it took a while to explain her and all the while she was still being prep’d for come Monday 🙂

Anyways, it is sometimes hard to answer kids and deal with kids. They can be very understanding at a moment and very aggressive the other moment.

August 4, 2009 6:03 pm

Recoup my valuable blood….

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How long does it take to recover 3 tubes of blood? I went to a lab few days ago and the person there drew about 3 collection tubes of my blood. I usually don’t like to see my own blood being drawn, yes, I get fainted some times. however, I was dare enough to watch my blood being drawn this time. First off I noticed there were 3 empty tubes, I wondered but still didn’t ask anything. She prepared my arm to find a vein and there the pin / syringe was pierced into my my veins. Now the Blood poured through the pipe and into the tubes, it (blood) didn’t even ask me 😦

image source: http://www.haemtech.com/images2/tubes.jpg

Now, so much of blood is out, I think I would have to focus on eating more beetroots and apples to regain that amount of blood in a couple of days or a week? 🙂

July 20, 2009 11:41 pm

No eggs in EggPlant?

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“No Egg in Eggplant” –>  reminds me of my first experience ordering pizza at a pizza place in New Jersey. I was about a week in this country. We asked for a slice of vege pizza and here goes the conversation:

Me: a slice of vege pizza please
PizzaGal: toppings?
Me: what are the options?
PizzaGal: onions, tomatoes, egg plant, …
Me: no eggs please! No meat please!
PizzaGal: that’s right, no eggs, it’s a vegetable
Me: (confused) that’s alright  – no egg plant

It was quiet sometime later on when I learned about egg plant is indeed a vegetable 🙂

July 2, 2009 5:42 pm

bing, google the synonym of Search?

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Interesting video on college humor site, on googl(search)ing with Bing.com 🙂

watch here http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1915736

January 29, 2009 10:27 pm

No eggs in Egg plant…

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We were talking about how amazing the languages are. some one mentioned about  “no eggs in egg plant” and that reminds me of my first experience ordering pizza at a pizza place in New Jersey. I was about a week or two in this country and was trying Pizza for the 2nd time. We asked for a slice of vege pizza and here goes the conversation:

Me: a slice of vege pizza please
PizzaGal: toppings?
Me: what are the options?
PizzaGal: onions, tomatoes, egg plant, …
Me: no eggs please! No meat please!
PizzaGal: that’s right, no eggs, it’s a vegetable
Me: (confused) that’s alright – no egg plant

It was quiet sometime when I learned about egg plant is indeed a vegetable 🙂

November 19, 2008 10:15 pm

How many software engineers does it take?

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Well, we have often heard about these phrases, correct? Apparently, it so happened 2 days ago. Two families (us and our friends) are taking few days away next month. We know the dates and other logistics are in process.  We have started with the hotel room. A friends’ wife and my wife have figured out the amenities to look for in the hotel room (kitchen, refrigerator, microwave) and in the meantime they had also shortlisted the hotels near the area we are traveling to and had identified that there very few such rooms available at the shortlist hotels.

Now, it is for me and a friend to confirm on that hotel and book the rooms. We get on the phone and start talking about the hotel name, location, and if the shortlisted hotels anywhere closer to the vicinity, the sight seeing places around the hotel, parks, museums, etc etc…

well, what we did with our phone conversation for over 20 to 30minutes was to digress ourselves, open maps software, look for areas, on and on and on…

We then come back to the already shortlisted hotels (not finding other hotels) and use the same web browser session that was already open, and waiting for ready to place a reservation. Now, I proceed further providing the names, credit card numbers, scrutinizing the payment methods, cancellation policy,  etc.. Web site allowed me to enter my data and proceed. Now it errors out “we are unable to process your order……”

We wear our analytical heads and find all the faults on that web page, viz., “oh! website says pick the credit card type, but there is nothing listed in the drop down”, “why is this site not intuitive enough” blah blah blah.. when the browser session was expired and obviously I was kicked out. Well, we both try another instance, search for the same hotel room, now it says “no rooms available for your given dates, …….”

We called the hotel to enquire some information, and citing that we noticed the availability but it doesn’t show up there and rant about it…

Anyways, coming back to original steps, logged in again to the website, and we were able to place a reservation at the same hotel.


It is interesting that most times, we tend to use our analytical brains (at times when not required) and spend all the energy and realize we didn’t have to use our analysis paralysis but just have some common sense. I know common sense is not common and hence the extra-ordinary people are such because they are a little extra than ordinary people! *wink*

November 12, 2008 12:58 pm

I don’t want the birthday….

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Two nights ago at the dinner table, I asked my 3yr old whether she wants to celebrate her birthday at home. She got excited and started saying lots of things. Two main points were

a. Cut the cake
b. have lots of her friends

I asked her for the names of her friends she wants to invite for her birthday. The list went on and on and on.

Oh about dinner table, my wife said why not make it a candle light dinner and we had dimmed another light and lit 3 big candles. It was a great time all three of us having dinner together. I think we missed soothing music, however, we wouldn’t have noticed the music while our daughter was talking around the time 🙂

Coming back to birthday conversation, to further on her ideas and plans:
me: I might be traveling and not be here for your birthday
V-  : (her face frowned and I sensed she was a bit sad)
me : (to make it more interesting) hmm…. perhaps, I can be around but your mommy might be traveling and she may not be able to make it.
V-  : (not said anything yet and frowned further with a different look in her eyes)
me and my wife :  (we were watching and now she breaks the silence)
V- : “I am NOT going to have my birthday – I need you both, else no birthday”  (and bursted in tears)

Although I felt bad for making such a joke with her but she got back to normal when we turned the conversation into going to a bounce for her birthday (we had her birthday scheduled at one of the bounce places for previous birthday)

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