August 11, 2012 1:56 pm

Windows phone and Zune connectivity : USB error

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Windows phone enthusiasts: how do we fix this error Windows phone connecting to zune? I have OS Windows 7.5 on this phone.

"One of the USB devices has malfunctioned and windows does not recognize it"


going further with next step from this dialog says "try reconnecting. if windows still does not recognize, replace the device"


i have taken the following steps and none seemed to fix.

  1. Restart the computer and phone
  2. Step as navigated from the notification above
  3. Well, as it indicated, I did replace the device, as we have 2 windows phones on a shared plan Smile
  4. uninstalled and re-installed zune software and reconfigured
  5. uninstalled/repaired usb device drivers
  6. installed drivers from DELL website (‘m on dell inspiron laptop)
  7. finally, also tried connecting both the phones on another laptop and received the similar messages on USB device not being recognized.

anything else? any pointers?

thank you


January 2, 2008 11:24 am

Windows Mobile vs RIM – Case study

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I stumbled on this link from one other blog post that I am unable to trace back on. There is a case study conducted by Wipro Technologies (available here) about the Total Cost of Ownership of Windows Mobile and RIM Blackberry office solutions. Personally I liked windows mobile for the flexibility it allows me to. I have also heard from many people on the Blackberry features to. I haven’t used it personally, so that might be reason for me to be biased on Windows Mobile phones. However, this casestudy is more about the enterprise solution.  

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