November 1, 2015 1:08 pm

Aloo bonda

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After a long time, we thought of making aaloo bonda (potato) at home. It was just instantaneous that our friends were coming home that afternoon, we looked around for the ingredients required , and happened to have all of those available at home. Viola ! there got started the process of making bonda within half hour.

Aloo bonda

Process at a high level:

  • Make bonda vege mix out of Potato , peas and other ingredients.
  • Prepare batter out of chick peas flour (besan) , rice flour, chilli powder, and other spices
  • Make little rounds of the vegetable mix prepared above
  • Boil oil for deep fry
  • deep fry the the vege dipped in batter until it turns golden brown
  • Wait to slightly cool down to a consumable temperature
  • Eat with chutney or ketchup or as it is.

A good food when it is drizzling out and would prefer to munch something spicy with a cup of coffee or tea 🙂
During my childhood, my dad used to make these on evenings while it was pouring out and I would have just then reached home from school with all drenched in pouring rain. This used to be heaven. I loved it.

i will post the detailed recipe to my ootathindi blog when I find some time to do so.

oh did I say, because I had a bit of extra batter left out – I made some assorted bajjis too – they got missing for pictures apparently. Key ingredient contributors for assorted bajjis – Eggplant, Dates, .. hmm, yummilicious 🙂

February 15, 2010 1:42 am

You do know one song daddy!

It is often great to learn that we learn from toddlers. We had been to a local community celebration – Kannada sangha’s sanranti gathering – this afternoon. One of our neighbors sang a couple of songs. I had one of those songs several times before in my childhood and also later years. We were driving and starting humming that song. Being sheepish for yet not knowing the lyrics, I said – to my wife on passenger seat, “although I seem to know several songs – one or two liners – I wish I had known complete lyrics of at least one song. I need to learn the lyrics so i can hum a complete song.”

Now, from the back – on a child seat – our daughter chimed in – i thought she had fallen asleep, but looks like she was still alert thought about to fall asleep. we couldn’t here at the front and asked her to repeat – says: you know one song completely daddy – mudaakaraatha modakam [youtube video]. Well, we had both learned this song together a few months ago.

My wife chimed in – “look: she wants to encourage and uplift you to the best of her knowledge”

Certainly, it is interesting. When I thought about how and what most adults would have responded when I said, i didn’t know a single song completely, it would probably have been (a ) accept what i said (b) console in a different way (c ) some words that might make me feel much sorry about myself 🙂

On the other hand she didn’t want me to feel sorry for not knowing other songs, and rather uplift or encourage for knowing one so keep up learning others – not a big deal.

It is the matter of Attitude and how others centric that we get to in helping others grow.

To an extent it also follows (in terms of awareness and learn) what I just learned on Alan Page’s blog – about 5 orders of Ignorance – in the context of software development  – Links here – article about 5OI ; 5 orders of Ignorance

October 6, 2009 1:44 am

is it Monday tomorrow?

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several weeks ago, my wife had to travel and she announced it to our 4yr old daughter on Friday in view of preparing her. Travel was scheduled to Monday and return on Friday (about 4 days). our daughter was encouraging enough and took it sportive. She understood that she would have to stay with me and no mommy at home.

Funny thing was she is learning about week days, although she knows the days, the sequence is still a bit confusing to her. We were on our dining table over lunch and the conversation goes:

L: V- I am going out of town on Monday and you would have to stay with daddy
V: she was already prepped the previous day, and she was ok. and said “ok”
and the conversation went around about her plans for school, play around etc. without knowing the sequence, She asked what day is today?
I: i said, “Saturday”
V: when would it be Monday? is tomorrow Monday?
L: yey! 2 more days, do you want to send me off today itself?
V: oh! tomorrow is Sunday and then Monday?
L: yes
V: Why is it not Monday tomorrow? why is it not today?
L: because it is Saturday
V: no! i want it to be Monday toDDDay…
My wife was like, both daddy and daughter are READY to send me off and have fun. 🙂
I: LOL!!!!

it took a while to explain her and all the while she was still being prep’d for come Monday 🙂

Anyways, it is sometimes hard to answer kids and deal with kids. They can be very understanding at a moment and very aggressive the other moment.

August 17, 2009 6:11 pm

will count to 100….

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from the time my 4yr old has learned counting numbers, it has been interesting how she include her learning to day to day activities. I don’t remember telling her that I would count number for her to do something. I am referring to the one we often see the instances in general, that count 3 or count 10 for someone to do something for us. Anyways, count 10 is normal as I have heard before for various instances (incl. anger management 🙂 )

A typical conversation while I’m on my computer…

V: daddy, please come
me: sure, give me just a minute (well, this minute at times often 10-30mins or until she or I forget the task)
V: daddy, lets go;
me: okay, i am on my way – go ahead to the door, wear your sandals, and I will be right there
V: (she does all those, waits for longer, remove her sandals and back to me) daddy, ‘m back
me: oh! okay did you go to the door, alright, lets go (but still on computer)
V: okay i am counting 100 now, start
me: hmm, sure (i think for a moment that 100 would give me enough time), please count
V: 1,        2,           3,          4,         5, ………
me: good, that pace buys me more time now, I chuckle myself not letting her know
V: now the pace speeds up a bit after 20; 21,   22,    23,   24,   25 ….
(and further more)
31,32,33,34,35….. 71,72,73,……
(and there 100)
me: oh! one hundred already? did you miss any numbers?
V: Noooooooooo
me: (i finally close the computer and go)

well, at least she is not aware of counting 1-10 and for her counting 100 is a norm for now… 🙂

August 11, 2009 12:06 am

I am writing daddy, is it ok if I….

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How would you respond if a kid is doing that he/she supposed to be but not at the right time. Our 4yr old daughter is very enthusiastic about writing words, drawing pictures, etc….. but at times it happens when she should be heading out for school. yes, she goes to preschool.

On mornings when I am in hurry to head out and she should be going to school. When we come down to kitchen and packing things to go. I ask her several favors. one of them being get ready and get the lunch bag. here is the conversation:

me: V- please get ready and take your lunch bag
v: ok
me: (after few mins), hellooo please get me the lunch bag and wear your shoes
V: I am writing something, how about a little later?
me: with some constraints, agree and then ask the same question again
V: ok daddy, i am writing something, is it ok with you if i leave this writing here?

i become speechless, how would you respond to this questions?
     1. say “ok you don’t need to write lets go” I wouldn’t want this to affect her mindset. 
     2. ok, finish your writing and then go – this wouldn’t be helpful, while we are on toes to head out.

quite a challenging question sometimes… given the context … although I tried to explain her the actions, justifications, etc, but does it matter…

July 9, 2009 5:11 am

Trading on Beads…

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Kids appear to learn the trading very early age. I remember the childhood days when we used to exchange little things like pencils, books and even the lunch / snacks that we used carry to school.

We recently noticed our little one taking her beads to school every day and they were not brought back. We didn’t realize for some time, although there is a restriction at the school that some kinds of toys are not supposed to be taken to the school (like soft toys), and when asked why she was taking out her beads from home, she says:
v: I gave my beads to a classmate “S”
I: hmm… great, but is there a reason why you wanted to give away your beads to her?
v: um… i give her my beads and she will give me the stars – (i thought stars are stickers)
I: so where are the stars?
v: not with me yet, she said she would bring it when i give her all my beads
I: hmm.. thats not good.

Thinking about it, there are 2 pieces to it:
1. it is appreciable that kids learn about trading, and economically/financially it is good cultivate that habit of give and take, so that keeps the transactions straight and no hassles. This reminds me of my own experience that I do, I am good at giving but at the same time not really so good at receiving end, even when it comes to trading if initiated by me. for instance, I ‘m willing to offer my help in all possible ways, but at the same time I am so hesitant to ask for help. I can go help our neighbors or friends or community help out, and when I need some help with either vehicle, or household projects, I am so hesitant to ask that help. If asked, I am sure they would all jump in to help me, but I don’t know how to ask, I would rather do it myself or pay some other business to do it for me. I wish I could learn the art of “asking for help”.

2. Is it too early for her to learn and understand the trading concepts now.  Is there a recommended age for kids brain to grasp the concept and go the right path? Or does it develop a mindset of always seeking something in return for a help provided? for a value provided? Is it good or not so good to have such expectations to get something in return? There are several questions come into my mind, and but should I impose these in her little brain?

Parenting is a great learning to apply various learning into practice. 🙂

May 29, 2009 11:59 pm

Appa, please drive slow….

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Our 4yr old daughter has acquired this awareness that if I ever drive a little faster, she would realize and tends to caution me. I am not sure how she got this attention these days, it is probably because she has observed a lot and started noticing cars pulled over the shoulder, and she has started recognizing the cars with a note “Police.”  She appears to be more concerned about 2 things:
a. be cautious so not hit anyone or anything
b. (in her words), police will come and take you away

We, as good parents, started explaining her the role of the police officers and not really have the false fear. Be proud of having those officers around who help the community be safe. The role helps the community, the children, the people around be safe from any adversities and accidents. Help people around if they need help on roads.

I believe she has started to have the sense of awareness and building up the sense of being cautious and go by the structured rules or lay out a plan/structure along the way. Well! I must admit, these things are only by her own will and not necessarily apply for everything, like throwing the play toys, books, and beads all across the house, until I say I am going to pack all these stuffs and put them in the garage. 🙂

Other cautious things she observers while driving:
a. mommy/appa, we should not drink (in our case water 🙂 ) while driving
b. daddy are you looking at front while driving? please do not turn towards me while driving.
c. I don’t want to bump to another car or a curb.
and so on…

April 4, 2009 5:39 am

Daddy, no one played with me today….

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I knew something like these would come up at some point but I wasn’t sure I had to deal with such a situation this early. on one night a few days ago, although i was on my computer, my 4yr old daughter was by my side and reading a book. She was quiet for few moments. I watched her and I often make sure to attend her and listen to her while she is telling me something. This moment, she was quiet and said, “Daddy, no one played with me at school today <pause>” …

Well, I realized, this was the moment I must take the computer aside, and listen to her and ask her what happened. Now, it is a learning moments for me to:

1. Ask the right questions
2. if making any suggestions, be cautious <i have heard it and read this from several sources, I think I would have to cover this in a different post>
3. should I just keep listening – while asking the right questions or wait for her to open up and tell me everything without me asking more questions?
4. How can I assure her about my support and let her know that I am with her?
5. What steps should I take for the story she narrates me about her experience at school today?

I had all these questions lingering in my mind and still tried to listen to what she had to say…

It was challenging for me to to think of a solution and help her how she can handle the situation at the school next time around…

Well, the conversation was not complete as she was also feeling asleep, I believe I need to read more and learn to respond before I react on her question and thoughts…

March 30, 2009 9:13 pm

When I read wrong, please tell me….

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My daughter has learned this somehow, I don’t know from where she did, but when she is reading a book, or tells a story from the book (from the pictures in the book), she wants to make sure she reads it right, that she conveys her thoughts right. She appears to be so open to get the feedback from us, and asks us to let her know and correct her when she reads wrong.

It is interesting that not many grown-ups are that open when they are doing things and most often we think we are doing right, and We don’t feel good to receive any feedback. Understood, both giving and receiving feedback is an art and add something called ego to it, makes it so hard to be able to openly give or receive feedback. I think it is also, to some extent, a “trust factor” – how well you trust a person who is giving you a feedback.

March 18, 2008 6:52 pm

A as in Apple, B as in … , …..

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The other day my 3 year old daughter started saying Alphabets while sipping a cup of milk in the morning. She came and woke me up – “wake up –  wake up … it is past 8am”. I woke up. She continued her rhymes and started alphabets. Her mommy was also around. And here goes her Alphabets…

A as in Apple

B as in Ball

C as in Cat

D as in Dog.. no no – D as in Daddy … and D as in Dining Table…

Mommy we need to go and get the Dining Table. Daddy wake up – let’s go get the Dining Table from the store….


hmm… I now get back to sleep again (pretend). I thought she was saying alphabets, and that turned into to going to a store to buy Dining Table set that we had put off for over a year now.

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