June 3, 2016 9:25 pm

Engineering Quality vs UX Quality (Knowledge vs Understanding)

Quite an interesting concept about what and how our mind perceives learning into the muscle memory and the effort it takes to unlearn and re-adapt based on the newly learned information. The important thing to note is, it is doable. Adapting to change is what creates the engine going. In this video, the designer talks about the understanding and the tacit knowledge with an example of riding a bicycle.  The knowledge could have possibly come from the previous understanding. Just because we understood some concept doesn’t mean it gets into our DNA right away, it takes enough practice and re-emphasis to make it happen. The take away from this talk is – Understanding, Knowledge and Adapting to the change with the newly found information.


Looking at this video at first, I used part of my “fixed mindset” to conclude, why should we design bicycle differently. I later changed it to an “open mindset” and applied the thoughts to other areas. I would suggest you to watch this with an open mind and look for the implicit concept and areas it can be applied to.
(Picture : from the video)



On one of the products I worked few years ago, though we Engineering wanted to upgrade to a better UI, a better performance, on a better and improved technology – the users weren’t ready to accept. Given a mission critical revenue generating application, the business wasn’t ready to accept a new proposed changes. We met with business team to understand the rationale and realized – One of the key resistance points was, the users were so much used to the product, including the tab order (note: the tab order was incorrect at that time), and such a change (though corrective) would derail their productivity with unlearning and learning process. We negotiated differently and found alternate ways to upgrade eventually.


Looking around, I see several products that we use fall under this category.

  • Do you see similar examples around?
  • Are there any products that you use for yourself, and you wouldn’t appreciate if it was changed?  🙂



August 16, 2010 12:57 am

Market Place

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It has been a long time since I had been to any crowded market place – like farmers market, etc. Though a bit cloudy last weekend, we went to a market which we always wanted to go visit but had never made that time to go over.

Weather has been interestingly off and on. We had about 70 minutes before the shops would close for the day. My wife was keen on looking for flowers and vegetable section. My daughter was just enjoying the walk around the crowded place, and to me, I was going around taking several pictures. It was a great walk there. Although it was not as crowded or interesting as the markets i had been to in Bangalore (India) 🙂 – In a way they are two extremes.

IMG_9424 (Medium)IMG_9371 (Medium)   IMG_9368 (Medium) IMG_9372 (Medium) IMG_9425 (Medium)IMG_9372 (Medium) IMG_9426 (Medium)  

Flowers are one of the greatest attractions on this part of the world during the spring summer. We don’t get to see many of those once the fall/winter starts. we bought this beautiful bouquet of flowers from one of those stores

IMG_9376 (Medium) IMG_9480 (Medium)

Fish Market
This market is also popular for fish section, although i couldn’t find where that sections was, and i wasn’t interested to go over there either. However, from what i have heard, the fish merchants or store keepers are almost always so energetic and enthusiastic about sharing the details about fish, asking questions, answering questions – and more importantly the Team Building. People often say, you’ve GOT TO learn the skills of team building and one-ness (working towards the common goal) from industry perspective, from teams perspective. That is something I wanted to see.

While walking around there, I did hear someone commenting, it is so smelly to go around the Fish market. Well, it is ought to be. However, that is probably why I didn’t dare exploring that side. I might even faint seeing those things and the smell in that area.

for the rest, yes it was great place with lots of activities.

This guy was playing an instrument made out of a tin tub and a string tied to it with a bamboo stick. It sounded very well. There was a huge crowd watching this mini-concert  there.


Looks like I didn’t capture, but a guy from blown glass articles store was packing those glass arts with bubble wrap and tied with a transparent duck tape so well, and one could carry the item without worrying about breaking them. I don’t know the price of those articles, must be expensive enough, but I guess the amount of tape and wrap he used for each item he packed could be of around 5 dollars. Talk about the Customer Experience aspect of it, I am sure is fantastic. I noticed people bought things just for the packing, although they know they are going to rip open the package when they get home. several of those people took pictures with the shop keeper. The packing skill was very much APPRECIATED.

at the end of 70minutes, we stepped into one of the cool joints and yes, it was time for a lovely ice-cream. We enjoyed the ice cream in that rather quiet ice-cream store.



By then most of the stores were rolling down the shutters and it was time for us to leave the place. and noticed some sunshine too around the end of the day.

IMG_9491 (Medium)

It was a great afternoon after all. We will probably go over again in next few weeks. And this time we should probably make it earlier in the day instead of later in the afternoon.

December 22, 2009 12:31 am

Please leave your shoes on rack…

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I was at a local temple one evening recently. There is a fairly big room as soon as we enter in to leave our shoes; and a wash basin to wash our hands before we go upstairs to the main hall where the deities are located.

There are bunch of racks nailed to the walls of that shoe area so people can keep their shoes on those racks so the floor doesn’t look messy. and it is also nice if people abide by that and keep their footwear properly and would be easier for themselves to find their respective footwear. However, it is not often that we see people doing so. Most people just leave their footwear wherever they want and go away.

A little after I went in, I started hearing the voice of some kids saying “keep your shoes on rack” repeatedly from the corner where the footwear room was located. What I thought was some kids were actually cleaning up there while saying this. Why not! they probably wanted to teach lessons to the adults. One of the ways to make culprits guilty is by helping them the right way. Well, I ignored for that moment and went away. I came back 30mins later and still heard the voice, went in to pick up my shoes, and realized there was a boom box playing a CD.

It is a nice move – a great idea, whoever have thought about it. Looks like they have recorded several kids saying the phrase “please leave your shoes on rack” repeatedly and that’s being played at the entrance/exit of that room. Helps in multiple ways

1. Parents who come with little ones, have to abide by that, ‘coz i am sure those parents want their kids to learn right way, at least, if not themselves
2. people without kids would notice kids doing it the right way and they ought to be feeling guilty if they didn’t do so.
3. kids who come in there, obviously hear those words and they start picking up other shoes lying on floor and stack them up on the racks.

but overall, certainly eye opener for adults! I liked that idea – a brilliant idea.

October 17, 2009 9:11 am

Diwali Greetings from White house

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It  is so nice to see a note of greetings from Prez Obama on the occasion of Diwali – Festival of Lights. such a fine gesture.


Fellow people – all who celebrate Diwali – Have a great time – Be safe – Happy Diwali.


July 26, 2009 6:50 pm

Mental Mathematics – Abacus

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We took our daughter to Brain Child Institute for an assessment of whether she is ready for a math class at this time. Her kindergarten starts next fall which is 14 months away, so we were curious to introduce some math and reading to her at this time.


(image source: http://managemyemissions.com/images/abacus.jpg)

At the center, we visited a class room of 5 kids, they were probably 1st graders I think, and noticed a teacher keeping saying bunch of numbers for addition & subtraction viz., 3 + 5 + 2 – 3 + 1 + 6 + 2 – 8 + 7 , whats the answer? to my surprise, one of the kids, who was probably not distracted with our entry there, did answer it right. wow! How did he do it.

I noticed a strategy they used with their fingers, not necessarily abacus, but the I was told, they had started with abacus initially and now through imagination. I have never used abacus in my life, although i have seen one during my childhood, but my assumption was it was used to teach count the numbers for kindergarteners. well, that’s the limit of abacus usage I knew about until today when I noticed it at school and recently someone had mentioned about it. 

Have you used Abacus in school or to learn mathematics? to what extent?

To add on to this in my experience, Mental Mathematics, once learned the strategy, it is pretty cool.

Thinking about this and tutoring and classes for mental mathematics for basic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, although we see a lot of hype and promotions with organizations/institutions like Kumon, Brain Child, etc, however, L’ and I were thinking about it, and looking at the corner store retailer in Bangalore, the roadside vegetable and fruit stall vendor, where they would not have even gone to the primary schooling, and they perform these math perfect. here is the picture:

A vendor with bunch of fruits and vegetables with a measuring weight at the front. There are 5 different people around the stall picking up things and having them weighed at random. PersonA gets egg plant, tomatoes, beans, – all are different quantity;  person B gets 5 different vegetables; and they all get ifferent items with different quantities. When each individual asks the shopkeeper for the amount they owe now, he gives the right answer for each individual, and mentally (no paper or computer or Retail Point of Sale machine involved – note he is selling on a roadside) he knows who picked what and how much. He computes the amount accordingly and gives the number.

amazing …

April 10, 2009 6:23 am

Do not get discouraged, just because ….

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…. your loved one did not acknowledge your hard work. I know it is very easy to make assumptions and think that your loved ones did not recognize you or appreciate your hard work and success. It is possible that each and every individual goes through several things during the day and weeks. And at times, they go blind and completely get involved in their frustrations and fail to recognize and reward and appreciate the efforts the loved ones accomplish or achieve.

Well, I agree it is not an excuse for not appreciating the effort, no matter what mindset one goes through…

— just a thought

have a great week end

March 1, 2009 10:13 pm

Economy and Housing …

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I came across a post on Hannah’s blog post pointing to a video that describes image / narrates

several people [link] living in Tents having lost their home, job, cars, etc.. This is probably the worst of the economy I have seen.

Few days ago, there was a similar conversation about this kind of situation and some one said, there might be a day when we open the news papers and see “these many have given up their lives to get away from whatever their situation.” Well, that’s a failure to think that route. I believe NOW is the time we need to get creative. Necessity Influences Creativity. What kind of businesses are able to weather this turbulence?  We often see people getting together and help each other at the times of natural disasters like earthquakes and floods. I think this is another disaster and situation gets better, and looks like we need to pay the price.

BangaloreBlues has a post about small business / local convenience stores. He says “Looks like the smaller businesses have survived better

What are some right things people can do to survive and get back to warm homes in addition to looking for their jobs in this situation? Agreed it depends on their skill set and willingness to perform the task.


February 23, 2009 2:08 am

Spring is around the corner…

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Last couple of days have been great here. Beautiful sunny weather during the day with temperature at high 40’s and low 50’s although night temparature goes down to low 30s. It is great to see the daylight stay a little longer and sunset around 5:45 or 6pm as opposed to 4:30pm in this part of the world.

It is also nice to see people getting out and take some fresh air – jog, walk, biking, etc. Also noticed number of motorcycles and bunch of convertibles. Out of these there were few Lamborghinis and Ferraris that we don’t get to see that often in this area…

It is probably another month or two when lots of boats making their way out to the nearby lakes….

Apparently, looking at the weather forecast, it is being predicted to be snow showers for one night next week end and is predicted to be raining for the rest of this week.

December 2, 2008 1:10 am

Incident to a Movie or a Movie to an incident?

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So sorry to hear Mumbai’s incident last week. Although emergency teams worked hard to clear the area, it is the question of lives, question of safety and security, question of freedom to civilians. What did those civilians do to end up with such fatal incident?

Watching Udaya news the other night about all these, it although appeared to be a movie where the acts were carefully planned and executed. It is interesting despite the security measures (assuming there was some security at a 5-* hotel), these things still happen. Is it like such incidents were copied from the Movies Or Movies made after such incidents. Looks like there is going to be a bollywood movie about this incident, just like the ones we noticed so far (Mission Kashmir, etc..) in various different languages across India.

Rest in Peace – for all those victims from this fatal incident.

November 24, 2008 1:50 am

Human mind set and watching TV….

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I was at the gym center saturday morning. While coming out after a work out, noticed a news paper and glanced through the pages. One article that caught my eyes was a study about happy people and a connection with not watching TV.

It was interesting to see this as with the quality of information that we get on TV and how that influences (impacts) our mindset accordingly. Happiness is a state of mind. According to this study, most happy people turned out to be spending less time in front of TV; and most unhappy people doing the opposite.

well, we can argue both ways, it all depends on what kind of information individuals get watching TV and how well they make use of it.

An interesting read, here is the link to the original article

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