September 22, 2008 6:36 pm

Ignorance is a Bliss? Half-knowledge? complete awareness?

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Vani posted about her experience related to not having enough information [wise? or otherwise?]  and the thought process around it. It was a great topic that made me write so much into comment section there and turned out a long story that I thought might not be appropriate as a comment post. And here is what I typed in. You may have to read Vani’s post first to get the context. 

“Ignorance is a Bliss” well “it is still a bliss

I was at the toastmaster gathering last Thursday, some one came up with this proverb to talk about. “A little learning is a dangerous thing (One should have full knowledge, rather than spreading incomplete information)” Although it may sound a little contrary but was along the same lines.

I believe it depends on how we comprehend the half knowledge, whether towards expand the understanding or towards make decisions out of it.

I have off late heard that the rule of thumb ” When in doubt, Ask!”

ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ ಇನ್ನೊಂದು ಗಾದೆ ಇದೆ  “ಪೂರ್ತಿ ಗೊತ್ತಿರೋವ್ರ ಬಳಿ ಮಾತನಾಡಬಹುದು, ಏನು ಗೊತ್ತಿಲದವರ ಬಳಿ ಮಾತನಾಡಬಹುದು, ಆದರೆ ಅರ್ದಂಬರ್ದ ತಿಳಿದಿರುವವರ ಬಳಿ ಮಾತಾಡೋದು ಕಷ್ಟ!” (translation:  a proverb in Kannada: we can talk to people who are either completely aware or completely unaware, but it is hard to talk to people who have incomplete information) 

Another related Kannada proverb “ತುಂಬಿದ ಕೊಡ ತುಳುಕುವುದಿಲ್ಲ ” –> khaali koda, thumbidha koda are fine but a partially filled pot is noisy! 🙂

well again, i think it is contextual, in my observation.  🙂

back to “Ignorance is bliss” –> my favorite example for this is daily News (TV/newspaper/..) about local crime. Not until  we hear something wrong about the area that we would realize to be cautious to go around at nights, but once we hear anything about thefts, or some sort, the fear factor sets in our mind. Though one is ok to go around at nights, the other people around instill more of these telling more stories and make other person feel guilty or afraid to go around again.

My recent experience that made me scary until I went to a nerve specialist: Last winter, I felt a weakness in my left arm. I started to convince myself to say “it is nothing but will be ok”, just like the way you did. A few days later, we called up a nurse line, and according to her explanation upon a series of question and answer session, she said, “You would probably have to see the doctor in next few hours, it could be the symptoms for stroke” –> note, this was when talked to a professional. I was sure afraid, but still made a doctor appointment 2 days later. Went to an MRI of my shoulder; later went to a Nerve Specialist. He conducted several nerve compression tests (approx about $600) and asked me to make another appointment for reports. and the Resuts were for me to go to a physical therapist since there was a minor shoulder strain and it was recovering. I went for a physical therapy for few weeks, it got better. –> so it is all contextual, “at times even having fairly enough knowledge is also not enough“.

That reminds me of a Kannada song “ಹೇಳಿದ್ದು ಸುಳ್ಳಾಗಬಹುದು, ನೋಡಿದ್ದು ಸುಳ್ಳಾಗಬಹುದು, ನಿಧಾನಿಸಿ ಯೋಚಿಸಿದಾಗ ನಿಜವು ತಿಳಿವುದು…” [haeLidhdhu suLLaagabahudhu, nOdidhdhu suLLaagabahudhu, nidhaanisi yochisidhaaga nijavu thiLivudhu…] I don’t remember the name of the movie…

January 10, 2008 10:00 pm

sparks from the Anvil – Quotes of Swami Vivekananda

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I was at an Indian grocery store recently. While at the counter paying for my groceries, I noticed a small book titled “Sparks from the Anvil – Quotations of Swami Vivekananda” – by Rema Nair. I always learn a lot reading about Guruji. I used to participate in events organized remembering Guruji in my school days. I was looking around for various quotes and stories about Guruji on internet, seeing this book at this store made me so excited and picked up this book. There are many poems that are so inspirational. I had mentioned one of those before


There are several hundreds of quotes in a small handy book. One of the best ones caught my eyes was about focussed mind

The concentrated mind is a lamp that shows us every corner of the soul

December 12, 2007 1:42 pm

Pictorial Representation …

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as the saying goes – A picture is worth thousand words – well, I thing it depends on how legible a picture is. I was reading in one of the books recently about the general statistics on how people perceive communication via reading,  most times a piece of information can be conveyed with a help of a visual notation. Although, I am not following that approach yet, but me being a visual thinker would always prefer writing on a piece of paper / white board while I am trying to convey anything.

I have noticed the change in Rajesh’s blog in recent days. I really liked it. Specially the coincidence that Rajesh conveying about how to drive a more appropriate idea to another person and drawing a picture about it. I am now being inspired by that approach, I think I will try to adopt going forward.


I was reading a post on the Simple Dollar the other day [link] where Trent shared about a particular topic on 5 business cards. thats pretty neat.

Advantages as I figured reading an article with pictures on it:

  1. Easy to understand the subject
  2. Easier to present the big picture first and then elaborate as needed
  3. Saves time to the reader and helps grasp the topic and move on
  4. Stays longer in memory


…   And many more


November 16, 2007 11:37 pm

Second Place is the first loser…

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… was the signature quote I noticed in one of the emails today. Don’t you think it is confusing in life as to what is Winning and help each other meet the finish line – or help each other win. I am sure you must have heard these statements with regards to win-win strategy. But what do we usually see in life? What is that we were always taught at schools and homes?  We still get the moral stories read by parents, teachers, etc with various examples of how to help others also to win. Etc. one classic recent example is “Cars” movie where LighteningMcQueen would draw from the finish line when he was just about to cross it and push the one struggling to reach the finish line to reach it and still be applauded for that.  However, when it comes to self, don’t you think it is always about Winning. If a child didn’t win a game at school, it is not treated as same. Parents and teachers always taught us to win the race in any games (be an athletic or cricket or baseball or else). Ending a game with a tie-breaker is still not considered as a win.


a.       why we parents and teachers complicate this to the children?

b.      Why do we conflict our messages to the children?  

Quote worth reading… you become what you think…

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I noticed this in one of the emails I received today. Reading this comments, I recalled the words from one of the books by Brian Tracy about this. I have a book “Eat that Frog” in queue to be read in next couple of months. I believe this quote was from his book, Goal Setting.  

You become what you think about most of the time. It is not what happens to you but how you think about what happens to you that determines how you feel and react. It is not the world outside of you that dictates your circumstances or conditions. It is the world inside you that creates the conditions of your life.

May 24, 2007 11:05 pm

Team achievement and Team Credit

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I recently noticed a quote below…

“There is no limit to what can be accomplished if it doesn’t matter who gets the credit.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

soon after I read this, i started analyzing to understand further myself. I started to think – it is a great attitude. This is what I almost always believed in and I believed in Team effort and Unity. Specially, thinking about the project management and following different ways of project management, working with people around, and a mission – having a common goal makes more sense. I have been in teams where even though the common goal was set as xyz, but still, the team members had their own goals and literally it was self centric.

Alright, not that i am questioning this quote, but if I understand it right in team effort point of view, I still think TEAM must get the credit. It depends on teams, but I believe the Team credit is the biggest motivating factor. As I see, credit doesn’t matter only If there was no common goal / mission set by the TEAM – But once the team has the common goals to achieve, then there must be a credit to the team. It doesn’t have to be monetary benefit, and mostly it goes by the way the team members are rewarded.

April 1, 2007 5:00 am


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Forgiving is the Attribute of the Strong – Mahatma Gandhi

Taking Shortcuts in Software testing and Quality outcome…

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During the conversation about project management, scope, schedule and functional disciplines with Pradeep, he pointed me to a fable titled “Test trimming“. It is very impressive. The moral of the fable is applicable for any context. It also reminds me of quotes like “Pay the price it takes”. That’s very true. Take every day examples in our lives. We get the quality for the price we pay. It could be for any service we get.

I have experienced the example quoted in this fable, at work and life many times. Depending on the context, taking shortcuts and not paying the right price only gets us into frustration. Let’s take an example of project management and scheduling: especially if you are on a waterfall model and have an end date for a deliverable, how would a schedule look like often? No matter how well project is planned, if there was no contingencies allocated, it is very likely that product analysis and requirement slips, Design slips, the difference in time gets absorbed in development phase and pushing the dev tasks into the testing task. Usually the functional testing and the user acceptance happen just before the hard end date. so, if  end date deliverable cannot be moved, guess what, testing phase gets compressed like anything. However, I was part of several negotiations where we had to build, make the teams understand on what it takes from Quality angle and readjust 2 of the triple constraints (viz., scope, schedule, cost). However, it is very interesting that we don’t see Quality in PMI’s triple constraints. well, I will get into that on a separate post.

I have been in the projects at my home town (Bangalore), and other places where people wore all the hats for waterfall. I have had titles like AnalystProgrammer. I now realize it meant, start from the requirements with the customer, do a design (no reviews), go into development and wear a test hat (kind of unit test) and work with end customer representative for user acceptance test. I wasn’t happy with the quality but I wasn’t aware of specific displines and functional teams back then. Our marketing person was our product manager. He collects the information from the customer and transfer that information to us. That’s the filter right there. We learned very hard from the consequences we had. Remember this picture, this was almost exactly what happened. Well, this was almost a decade ago; but it was a good lesson.

So, you reader, if you are involved in software project management of any sort, how do you manage your schedule, deliverables, project development, and yes,Quality?

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December 22, 2006 12:12 pm

Luck, Lucky, preparedness

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I came across this quote while reading one of the books. This was in a context to the football game team, however, it is most generic, as I think.

Luck doesn’t always favor the Lucky but Luck always favors the Prepared Team

We hear a lot of times from people the word Luck. I have used it many times during the school days. We complement  people many times as “lucky you, you got through the test”, etc etc…

Think about it for a second – recall such instances where you have used that word and analyze the context. It makes more sense if some one else used this term for your achievement or whatever and analyze your own situation/context. In most instances, what do you think, was it a pleasant surprise and named it “luck” or was there any effort at all that you were making preparations, worked hard, and results worked out in your favor?

good one to give more thoughts, i guess.

merry christmas and happy holidays! 

October 30, 2006 8:50 am


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I recently noticed this quote in one of my emails….

“Watch your thoughts; they become words.
Watch your words; they become actions.
Watch your actions; they become habits.
Watch your habits; they become character.
Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”

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