April 10, 2009 6:23 am

Do not get discouraged, just because ….

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…. your loved one did not acknowledge your hard work. I know it is very easy to make assumptions and think that your loved ones did not recognize you or appreciate your hard work and success. It is possible that each and every individual goes through several things during the day and weeks. And at times, they go blind and completely get involved in their frustrations and fail to recognize and reward and appreciate the efforts the loved ones accomplish or achieve.

Well, I agree it is not an excuse for not appreciating the effort, no matter what mindset one goes through…

— just a thought

have a great week end


May 28, 2008 12:34 am

Why is stop light RED?

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Off late, my 3 year old daughter V- has been learning all the colors and what they mean, the traffic, the pavements, the roads, etc etc. So, few months ago she learned “Red” light at an intersection means “stop”, “Green” at an intersection means “Go”.

Since then, she has been saying it every time we come across the lights – either while driving or walking across the street. This evening, I took  her to the nearby library. My dad and I were walking a bit slow and she being a toddler started running but still at a distance that she would hear me if I called her name.

On the way back from the library while we were waiting at the light for us to cross the street. She asked number of questions.

1. Daddy, why is that car not moving?
2. did he stop because of the red light?
3. why is another car moving?
and so on…

I tried my best to answer most questions until I heard, “why is stop light RED, and why not any other color?“. Me being always learned about the standards for certain and certain things, I couldn’t give her a better answer. I tried my best again, and she being an ignorant 3 year old toddler, accepted it. However, I wasn’t convinced myself to my answer.

Why do you think the stop lights at the intersections are Red,Yellow and Green? How did that standard of red,yellow,green (universal) come into picture at the first place?

although, she accepted my answer for now, I don’t think she would accept such answers few months down. I think she already asked me a follow up question, that I can’t remember now, as the light turned on for us to walk across and she got deviated from the topic.

November 16, 2007 11:37 pm

Second Place is the first loser…

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… was the signature quote I noticed in one of the emails today. Don’t you think it is confusing in life as to what is Winning and help each other meet the finish line – or help each other win. I am sure you must have heard these statements with regards to win-win strategy. But what do we usually see in life? What is that we were always taught at schools and homes?  We still get the moral stories read by parents, teachers, etc with various examples of how to help others also to win. Etc. one classic recent example is “Cars” movie where LighteningMcQueen would draw from the finish line when he was just about to cross it and push the one struggling to reach the finish line to reach it and still be applauded for that.  However, when it comes to self, don’t you think it is always about Winning. If a child didn’t win a game at school, it is not treated as same. Parents and teachers always taught us to win the race in any games (be an athletic or cricket or baseball or else). Ending a game with a tie-breaker is still not considered as a win.


a.       why we parents and teachers complicate this to the children?

b.      Why do we conflict our messages to the children?  

September 14, 2006 7:19 am

Planets and Navagraha

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It is slightly different from what i have been writing on my blog lately. However, I recently recalled few things about the astronomy, galaxy, planets, etc., Looking at Wikipedia for planets, brings up lot of information in this area. Anyways, I always had (and still have) hard time co-relating the planets to hindu way of knowing navagrahas (nava=nine; graha=planet); At least as I learned at school in my childhood they are equal.  So from hindu astrology, as I learned 9 planets = navagrahas was true, I recently heard about the solar system’s 10th planet (Eris) being discovered in galaxy – does this conflicts with the hindu astrology that we know of with an additional graha? I assume not – as I believe in the shastras and certainly there were reasons when the shastras were written although we are scientifically proving most of those. –> [note: I am afraid if my thoughts were put across in words properly here, hehe]

However, wikipedia has another definition for graha = cosmic influencers on living being. I think that sounds appropriate as Sun and Moon are not the planets – whereas, hindu astrology has surya(sun) and moon. I learned this from wikipedia, [ “Nava” means “nine”. Graha is sometimes translated as “planet”, but the Sun, Moon, and Rahu and Ketu are not “planets” according to modern astronomy. “Graha” is sometimes translated as “celestial body”, but Rahu and Ketu are not celestial bodies either. A third translation is celestial god or demi-god, but again, Rahu and Ketu are Asuras not Devas. Rahu and Ketu are further believed to be only positions in the planetary paths. A fact common to all navagrahas is that they have relative movement with respect to the backgound of fixed stars in the zodiac belt.” ]


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