September 15, 2012 7:27 am

Cars run on Alternate fuels

The other day , Vidya and I were driving to her art class while filled the gas on the way, she asked :

V: appa (dad) when I grow up to age to drive the car, what kind of cars will be around? are they Gasoline fueled or like hybrids

Me: These cars would still be around (given that it is about 10yrs away)

V: would most of the cars be Gasoline, hybrid or electric?

Me: with the trend, I would foresee mostly electric cars, tremendously improved with mileage, (and so on and so forth)

V: appa, I would probably prefer the cars run on Air fuel, are there those around? If not, how is this IDEA?

Me: made me think. hmmm… isn’t this fantastic idea? but why do you think so? Why air and not electric?

V: Now we stop and at times panic for running out of gas. We saw the electric fueling (charging) station at the city hall or would charge at home, we still need to stop and panic if we run out of battery, like you do when I play games on your phone.  So with air, the fuel can be generated on go, and not panic for gas stations.

Me: Fantastic idea.

V: Can you help me build this kind of car So we would be the FIRST Inventors ?

Me: Lets do some read up on this aspect.

By then we arrived at the arts class location and the conversation paused. I was curious and while waiting at her class, started looking up on similar concept. Looks like there are some similar concepts and research in progress, and some hit the streets .

Do you foresee any improvements in that area? Know of any pointers for further research?



November 24, 2008 1:18 am

Did you Know: Electric starter to auto engine was patented this day over 100 years ago

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….it was patented on Nov 24, 1903 for the first time and modified about 8 or 9 years later. Most cars on the roads had the electric starters by 1920.

source: wired article: http://www.wired.com/science/discoveries/news/2008/11/dayintech_1124

March 2, 2006 8:56 am

How do Stars live and die?

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Back during our school days, we were amazed of how stars were formed, etc., we were also told that those stars would fall off and all other stories. I came across one such video / document on  Nasa site.
Here is the video clip and a document transcript

There are many more such documents available on that site. take a look.


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