June 11, 2008 12:11 am

Deception Falls, Leavenworth,…

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Well, the weather forecast sites have been unpredictable these days. few weeks ago, we had thought of going over to the Crater Lake which is about 10 hours drive from home. Looking at the weather forecast related sites like weather.com, northwest weather, weather.live.com, weather.yahoo.com, etc etc, we canceled that trip and decided to go over to the local places. So headed to a zoo in Tacoma. However, the temperature was at high 70’s with beautiful sun light throughout the day. The Zoo and Aquarium was really nice and I liked the peacocks the most.

We went to the Crystal Mountains the following day, and though the weather was rainy off and on, it was great where we stopped over for lunch and again on top of the hill where we played in snow for some time. We enjoyed the weather and the fabulous scenic drive on rte 169 and rte 410.

the other weekend was also another wet day according to the forecast, we still decided to drive to the Leavenworth, and the temperature forecasted was at 60’s with cloudy or rain showers. Although it was cloudy when we started in the morning, it got better off and on for initial 40 to 50 miles and then it was sunny in the midst of those forests. We stopped at  Deception Falls [http://www.waterfallsnorthwest.com/waterfall.php?num=196&p=0], the place I had enjoyed even several years ago. Temperature was at 30’s back then, but it was a lot better this time at 50’s or so.


DeceptionFalls1 DeceptionFalls2 DeceptionFalls3DeceptionFalls4

It was sure lot of water there and the view itself was gorgeous. Further looking up for resources on Deception Falls, it appears like the water might get as huge as to flood over the little bridge that appears on picture one above like the one below

(image source: http://www.wta.org/~wta/documents/deception_bridge_side.jpg)


Although we thought of taking a lunch break near Deception Falls, we decided to further to Leavenworth and have lunch over there. As we proceeded towards the Stevens Pass, the drive got much better with fantastic views of snow clad mountains all around.



Further along the way was the time to take a lunch break, it was around 2:30pm and we were also enjoying the view of a river alongside the driving. It was a wenatchee river flowing down towards skykomish. We just stopped to take see the river and noticed the campground and picnic tables around. So it was a sunny afternoon with temparature at 60’s, found a table with a bit of sunshine so to avoid a bit of chill, and had our lunch by the river. After a leisurely lunch till about 3:30, we went down to the water and yes, it was very cold. Water temparature might have been at 30s or 40s.


We finally reached Leavenworth around 5’ish, went around for a couple of hours. Leavenworth is a beautiful place with the structures like from Germany. A little village with nice people and lot of visitors all through the year. See here on wikipedia for more information about this place [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leavenworth%2C_Wa]. 

Leavenworth Leavenworth5Leavenworth6

  It was still sunny and left from there later that evening for another pleasant drive from the other direction.


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August 9, 2006 4:32 am

Entrance fee at places – Why the difference?

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Entrance fee – Why the difference? 

Recently, when I was in H’bad, I had a chance to visit couple of places nearby. Golkonda fort, Museum, etc., all have some amount of entrance fee. Golkonda is a beautiful place and I enjoyed going around there very much. I assume those places also meant to be for tourism. However, what I noticed and kind of didn’t feel good about was the difference in entrance fee. For example, if they are charging 10rs for local-ites, the same entry costs about Rs.150/- for an outsider. Why is that so? One thing I have noticed traveling outside
India was there was no difference in tickets to such public places. Why is it being different there? I should not be complaining about these being a citizen of the same nation, but this is something I would like to know. People at the ticket counter are either not willing to share or not aware since it is their job to sell tickets and not necessarily know the answers for everything. On the other hand, I didn’t notice them checking for passport or Identity cards – so the only way they charge that amount is by face – and now that doesn’t sound right to me.

Any Idea why this is so? Why can’t they make it equal for everybody. Just being a foreign national visiting place doesn’t mean he/she can afford as much money they charge. May be I haven’t traveled enough to know the world and how other countries do.

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