September 15, 2012 7:27 am

Cars run on Alternate fuels

The other day , Vidya and I were driving to her art class while filled the gas on the way, she asked :

V: appa (dad) when I grow up to age to drive the car, what kind of cars will be around? are they Gasoline fueled or like hybrids

Me: These cars would still be around (given that it is about 10yrs away)

V: would most of the cars be Gasoline, hybrid or electric?

Me: with the trend, I would foresee mostly electric cars, tremendously improved with mileage, (and so on and so forth)

V: appa, I would probably prefer the cars run on Air fuel, are there those around? If not, how is this IDEA?

Me: made me think. hmmm… isn’t this fantastic idea? but why do you think so? Why air and not electric?

V: Now we stop and at times panic for running out of gas. We saw the electric fueling (charging) station at the city hall or would charge at home, we still need to stop and panic if we run out of battery, like you do when I play games on your phone.  So with air, the fuel can be generated on go, and not panic for gas stations.

Me: Fantastic idea.

V: Can you help me build this kind of car So we would be the FIRST Inventors ?

Me: Lets do some read up on this aspect.

By then we arrived at the arts class location and the conversation paused. I was curious and while waiting at her class, started looking up on similar concept. Looks like there are some similar concepts and research in progress, and some hit the streets .

Do you foresee any improvements in that area? Know of any pointers for further research?



July 6, 2009 5:02 pm

A bike finally arrived home…

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It has been a project to buy a bicycle for our little one. Looks like we have postponed it several times for one or the other reason. She was so excited when it finally came to her hand at the store yesterday.

She has been saving her own money to buy this toy. The funds labeled “Cycle Fund” has been in collection for over a year or closely two, i think. Early on, we thought of introducing the concept of money to her, and introduced a little box named cycle fund, ever since she learned bits about money and has observed a lot at the grocery stores when we buy things there. The first thing she does after we step out of the pay counter at any stores, is to request for the bill/slip and count the number of items. She tries to read the numbers there, although she doesn’t know about decimal, but reads the numbers. These days, she appeared to have an understanding of lower and higher number i.e., 100 is greater than 10; 60s are greater than 40s etc. I am not sure if it is money conscious or the quantity, but often, she also comments, “why are buying so many things?” looking at the number of items in our shopping cart.

Back to her “cycle fund”, we started with a “dime-a-day” and started giving her a dime on a daily basis. There were days we had missed out, and made it up by giving 2 quarters in a way (yes though 20cents less there), but that kind of gave her an awareness of “not all coins look alike” – and there are other denominations associated to each coin type.

Anyways, the cycle fund trend has been discontinued for several months now, and I think we need to start again.

One of the reasons we pushed it out so far to buy one could be the winter months and didn’t pay attention until the spring / summer time. We went to several stores and she liked some of them, but we were actually looking for a relatively best fit size, hand brakes options, etc… Anyways, she tried one of these 16-inch bicycles and appeared very comfortable with. We went again 2 days ago, and picked one. She wasn’t although happy that it was going to be another 24 hours to actually pick it up upon having it assembling it at the store itself. We went back the following day, it was about ready, and she was eagerly waiting at the counter to see her brand new bike. There arrives, and before I see it, there she goes – jumped over the bike, and off to the exit door.

We went out for swimming this morning leaving her bike at home, and it was disappeared from the spot it was placed when we arrived back. For a split of a minute, her face turned red, eyes full of tears, lips just about to crack open to a loud cry for not seeing the bike at the spot. I then realized, my wife might have taken it inside to perform pooja (as we often do on a new vehicles/items), and indicated the little one to check inside waiting for a pooja. She was somewhat convinced (‘coz she has heard about this concept often) and went inside. Her face blossomed with a big wide smile and still tears-filled eyes and jumped over the bicycle.

It is interesting how emotional the kids get if they don’t see their favorite item even for a second. She tried it around our house later, and seemed to enjoy being a bike-owner.

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