August 17, 2009 6:11 pm

will count to 100….

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from the time my 4yr old has learned counting numbers, it has been interesting how she include her learning to day to day activities. I don’t remember telling her that I would count number for her to do something. I am referring to the one we often see the instances in general, that count 3 or count 10 for someone to do something for us. Anyways, count 10 is normal as I have heard before for various instances (incl. anger management 🙂 )

A typical conversation while I’m on my computer…

V: daddy, please come
me: sure, give me just a minute (well, this minute at times often 10-30mins or until she or I forget the task)
V: daddy, lets go;
me: okay, i am on my way – go ahead to the door, wear your sandals, and I will be right there
V: (she does all those, waits for longer, remove her sandals and back to me) daddy, ‘m back
me: oh! okay did you go to the door, alright, lets go (but still on computer)
V: okay i am counting 100 now, start
me: hmm, sure (i think for a moment that 100 would give me enough time), please count
V: 1,        2,           3,          4,         5, ………
me: good, that pace buys me more time now, I chuckle myself not letting her know
V: now the pace speeds up a bit after 20; 21,   22,    23,   24,   25 ….
(and further more)
31,32,33,34,35….. 71,72,73,……
(and there 100)
me: oh! one hundred already? did you miss any numbers?
V: Noooooooooo
me: (i finally close the computer and go)

well, at least she is not aware of counting 1-10 and for her counting 100 is a norm for now… 🙂

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